What’s New is Old And That’s Good – The Cars’ Move Like This

The New Wave returns and is a crashing good time.

For whatever reason, I was hoping to not repeat artists, but since the blog is more about what I am listening to and what moves me, the  repeat is inevitable.  I guess, perhaps, I was just hoping not to repeat too quickly.  Again, it is what it is and this album deserves an immediate plug.

The Cars – Move Like This

A friend on Facebook was asking people to suggest their songs for Summer 2011.  I added this whole  album to the list, as I think it is the perfect Summer record and I cannot stop listening to it.  I played it for Rob and a few folks last night and the reaction is the same… this is a great album AND it sounds like old Cars stuff… which is good… actually, it’s great.  The boys are in top driving form.

While I am loath to put it in print and apologize ahead of time, The Cars are the worst live band I have ever seen… TWICE.  They simply stood on stage, played the music and had no interaction with audience or each other.  But as a studio band, they are amazing and their music is a big part of my personal movie soundtrack.

I will most likely not go to see them on tour… but I will be listening to this one a lot this summer.  We’ll see what the reviews of the live shows are.  The Cars may just be the most successful of the ’80s New Wave bands and it is really good to have them back.  Benjamin Orr who passed away is definitely missed, but the rest of the guys all step up.

And if you are in LA, stop by Elliot Easton’s Red Balls Rock ‘n Roll Pizza on Topanga Blvd. for a great New York pie.

From the opener “Blue Tip” you know you are in for a great ride right back to the ’80s.

“Too Late” – This retro track is so good and may be my favorite album.

“Soon” – Fits perfectly with the later Cars’ ballads and is a really nice love song.

“Sad Song” – This seems to be the most popular download of the album and it is a tasty track.  Hmmm… Might this be my favorite?  No, I’ll stick with “Too Late.”

“Free” – This could have come right off the debut or Candy-O!  And yes, I still blame my dad for making me leave Caldor and not getting the band I had never heard of at that point (The Cars) to sign an album.  Doh!  I mean DOH!!!

Okay, breathe… let it go… let it go…

Go grab this one and let your summer fun begin.  Seriously, its great!


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