My Tunes The Album Project #89 – The 88’s

Yesterday was the 88th album, so it seemed like a no-brainer to talk about The 88… just like #97 should feature Old 97s.

But then Jeff Conaway passed away and it messed up my brain a bit… Lennon and the soundtrack to Grease became the listens of the day and that was that.

So here we are on the Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend and we are going to talk about The 88!

The 88 – Not Only… But Also

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I love the use of the elliptical… I actually use one at the gym, too… but right now we’re talking about the use of those three little dots that gives me such a strange pleasure.  Nice to see the band using it, too.

You will also know that we have already talked about the fabulous Adam Merrin.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many readers I had that day.  I’d like to take credit for that, but I’ll give it to Adam.

So iTunes says The Beatles invented Power Pop.  Wikipedia agrees and says that Pete Townshend actually coined the term in a 1967 interview.

I knew that about the Beatles.  Makes sense.  They invented a lot of musical styles and sounds and innovative breakthroughs.

Townshend said “Power pop is what we play—what the Small Faces used to play, and the kind of pop The Beach Boys played in the days of Fun, Fun, Fun which I preferred.”  Funny… while I associate the other bands with Power Pop, The Who is not a band I would put in this category.  Maybe their early stuff… Hmmm… Definitely need to go back and listen with a different set of ears.

iTunes talks about “walking the line between sticky sweet pop and good old-fashioned rock & roll.”  I think The 88 do this perfectly.

It seems that whenever you mention words like pop, or power pop or sticky sweet, people tend to dismiss the songs as cute little musical diddies.  While there is a definite brightness and pleasure to this album, there are moments of great depth.

I know I picked this CD up in the bin when I volunteered for KCRW a while back, so I have to assume that was the introduction to this great Indie LA band… although I guess they are not really “indie” anymore.

Regardless of how you categorize them, their music is a lot of fun and this album makes for a great listen… especially with Summer around the corner.

So enjoy the long weekend with The 88 blasting out of your car or stereo or iPod or whatever.  And I hear they are great live, too.  I have not seen them yet and I just missed a local benefit they did, but they are definitely on the Must See List!



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