Grease is the Word. I Wish That Was Enough.

Today is my 88th album and I was all set to do something by The 88… Thought that would be cool and fun… but then Jeff Conaway passed and it was all thrown out of whack.  I feel really sad right now.  Seriously.  A lot of them hit me, but this one really hit me.

I guess John Lennon was right in “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy).”

“Before you cross the street, 
Take my hand, 
Life is what happens to you, 
While your busy making other plans.”

Goes for the change in albums… and of course, it goes for all of our lives…

Grease – Motion Picture Soundtrack

How fricking fast does Wikipedia update the site with the date of passing? Wow.

Yes, you once played Danny Zuko on Broadway, but you were so good as Kenickie in the film version.  So good.

And Bobby Wheeler in my favorite show of all time, Taxi, was such a sweet soul… well… he was an actor, but still a sweet soul. Compared to Louie, everyone was a sweet soul.

Jim at the DMV episode…

“What does a yellow light mean?”

“Slow down…”

Man, that was good… so very good and special and…

I am really messed up by this.  I did not know you… and I struggled to watch you on Celebrity Rehab… Can’t watch that shit.  And for a time, you had the world at your feet.  And no, I do not understand addiction and the kind of pain you must have had.  But man…

Listening to this is mostly others obviously… TravoltaOlivia… but you were there man.  You were so there.

I don’t even know what else to say… Go listen to the music… Go watch the movie.  Hell, my daughter loves Grease.  We wanted to go to the Grease Sing-A-Long at the Bowl this summer… That will be a bit sad now.

But there it is and that’s that.

I’m also gonna go listen to some Double Fantasy… I put it on to get that quote exactly right and it just felt right to sit and listen to… Very appropriate for today…

“Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”… You were once that, too.


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