Keep This Man Employed: Colin Hay – Man @ Work

The first time I ever set foot on a stage was in high school.  We would convert the cafeteria into a full on theatre with a professional stage and lights, all for the annual Nights of Drama production.  Backstage was the actual kitchen and food line area, and where we would put on our costumes and make up and get warmed up.  The music that got us pumped up was straight ’80s rock and roll:  LoverboyTommy Tutone and Men at Work.

While I never stopped listening, I did lose track of a few of these artists.  But then while I was out in LA, I heard Colin Hay on the radio.  I want to say it was KCRW, so perhaps I’ll just say it was.  Honestly, I do not remember.  He was playing this gorgeous solo acoustic number and I was floored.  I had loved Men at Work and knew he was a great songwriter, but wow.  This was something really special.

Colin Hay – Man @ Work

It was the track “Beautiful World,” from his mostly acoustic 2001 release Going Somewhere.  As good as this album is, the remixes rendered here on Man @ Work are even more special.  That track and the stunning “Waiting for My Real Life To Begin” will make you a believer.  Plus, hearing his new, acoustic and solo takes on Men At Work classics are a ton of fun.  Either way both albums should be in your collection.

If you have the chance to see him live, do not even think twice… go and buy the tickets.  He will be alone on stage with a guitar and blow you away.  His playing is magnificent, his voice strong and stunning and his songs are moving beyond words.

I cannot say enough.

There is a great local organization who does a concert that we try to go to every year… The amazing and most generous band Venice helps produce and organize.

Wikipedia actually encapsulated the one with Colin Hay quite well, so here is the recap from them:

“In May 2009, Colin Hay performed at the Artist for the Arts Foundation benefit at Barnum Hall, Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA. Performing live, along side Curt Smith (Tears for Fears), Fee Waybill (Tubes) & Venice and over 70 members of the Santa Monica High School (SaMoHi) Orchestra and Girls Choir ,the benefit helped to provide funds for the continuation of Music Education in public schools. The event was filmed and recorded by Harry Rabin of On the WAVE Productions and can be seen on the AFTA Foundation website

There is so much great music out there, and I will do my best to share as much of it as I can.

Open your ears, for the world may come to you in a single note.


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