Adam Merrin (From The 88) – Have One (Plus, Obligatory Use of the Word Naked)

Adam Merrin – Have One

This is an EP.  So no excuses.  6 fantastic songs from the pianist of the amazing band The 88.  If you do not know this group, run… run fast to the record store.  I will definitely be talking about them here, too.

This one came out in 2007.  Then in 2009 he came out with his first full solo album called Have Another One.  It is equally delicious, but the EP just grabs me.  Both this and the full length were recorded in his own home studio and he plays all the instruments… Bastard!  Both he and Keith Slettedahl (his band mate from The 88) are from Calabasas, CA!

This area (Agoura Hills and Calabasas) seems to be a breeding ground for rockers… Adam Levine from Maroon Five… the members of Incubus… and Linkin Park are all from here!!!

Have One is bright.  It is California “sunny power pop” at its best.  And the feeling you will have listening to this is bright.  It’s just a great easy listen.

The opening track “Still Alright” was used in Grey’s Anatomy.  I will admit that I have lost touch with this show, but do love how they break such great songs and artists.  Both Adam and The 88 licensed a lot of their music, which is how they got their songs and music out into the world.  Smart.

The rest of the EP is equally enjoyable and will have you playing this in repeat mode for sure.

So go, listen… enjoy and just be.


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