My Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone, So Tattoo You!

I pull out the Beastie Boys and readership has a precipitous drop… That is crazy.

I tell you… it is days like that, that make me question keeping on.

I love the blog and I am most definitely writing for the sake of writing.  It is keeping me disciplined and creative and music is a deep passion; but at some point, you want a dialogue… someone to talk back… or at least listen.  The days the comments and other music lists come in are pure gold.  I love that.  That connection and shared musical experience is amazing.

But on the slow days… Ouch.  Was it something I said?  Was it the Monday doldrums?  Do I need to stay within the mainstream or simply use the word naked???

All right… the experiment is on…

Tomorrow I am going with a name perhaps not well-known, but I am going to use the word naked in the title.  So we shall see…

Today we’re going with a mainstream artist to see what happens.  Straight classic rock…

Don’t get me wrong, I love this album… but it is a big, famous band and we’re gonna see what happens.

Rolling Stones – Tattoo You

It is this, Hot Rocks and probably Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out that defined the Stones for me.  Of course, I went back later and really dove into Exile, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed and Beggar’s Banquet and I am sure I own at least 20 Stones’ albums.  But this whole re-mastering, re-release game makes me nuts!  I already have two versions of some of the discs, and now they are coming out with even bigger and better and different versions…. AAGGHH!

I saw the Stones play the Brendan Byrne Arena with my friend Harry Atlas.  Tina Turner was the warm up.  Wow.  Mick rode a cherry picker and the show was astounding.

According to iTunes Tattoo You is “culled from outtakes from their past decade’s worth of work in order to have a studio album to promote during their 1981 American Tour.”  I never knew that.  I guess that is a bit of a sell out, but this album rocks.  With a deeper listen I can hear a variety of styles that found homes on a bunch of different albums, but that does not take away from what has become one of my favorite Stones records.

The opening “Start Me Up” is a great rallying cry with one of the more vivid descriptions of a woman.  Hard to believe this did not make the cut until now.

“Hang Fire” – A great rocker.

“Slave” – Love that slow, sultry blues groove.

“Little T&A” – Sorry, it’s the Stones and it is always fun to hear Keith sing.

“Waiting On a Friend” – I so remember this video for one of my favorite songs.  It would be much later that I would appreciate the amazing sax of Sonny Rollins.  This jazz giant would become one of my favorites and I feel so lucky that I got to see him play at the Jazz Bakery in LA!  He is still making some amazing music!


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