Bob Marley and Me and Martha Velez Makes Three

First off, let me just say that a Metal album is coming… I keep getting distracted.

Second, I just got back in touch with my old friend Jason the other night… Yes, the internet sometimes has value!  It has been at least 20 years since we have spoken, so that was amazingly cool… but as you will know by reading this blog, he was one of my earliest musical muses… getting me into Van Halen, AC/DC and Rush… We laughed about how we would sit in the back of the bus on our cross-country teen tour and blast his boom box with classic rock!

Third, I go back and forth as to whether or not to repeat artists, but since the impetus is a randomly selected album, repeating an artist is just par for the course.  Plus, there are people I love to listen to and they are just gonna keep popping up.  And when something spurs me or grabs me into a listen, I have to go for it.  Springsteen… The Beatles… and Bob Marley.

So last night I went to the member preview of the Bob Marley exhibit at the Grammy Museum.  I love this place and if you are not a member, you are crazy.  They had some amazing videos, Bob’s Gibson Les Paul guitar… a couple of his famous shirts, including that classic denim one you saw him in a lot and it made me realize a few things… Rock stars are so fricking skinny… no wonder I am not a rocker.  No, I realized even more how iconic and important and amazing a social figure he was.

I need to go back, as we did not have nearly enough time to soak it all in… nor look at some of the newer exhibits.

For me, a highlight of the night was meeting the only artist that Bob Marley produced, aside from himself, Ms. Martha Veléz.

This is why live, on the street and in the field events like this mean so much and are so vital for all of us.  Had it not been for this night, Martha might have stayed unknown to me.  Talk about a career… wow.  From the Gaslight Singers to opera to Reggae to acting in some great projects.  I went home and read about her and started listening to both Fiends and Angels, which I really dig… and the awesome, full on Reggae, Marley produced Escape From Babylon.  Seriously, she is amazing and you need to do yourself a favor and listen to her stuff… or even better… go out and buy it.  These are things that need to be in your collection.

Bob Marley – Exodus

This is my favorite Bob Marley album…. I think.  I mean I just like so many… all of them, really!  So how can I choose?  It came out in 1977, the same year he was diagnosed with cancer.  Sadly, Marley did not take care of his disease right away and opted to forgo traditional medical treatment.  I am all for nutritional therapy and things that go beyond the Western medical mind, but we have to try every thing.  Watch Food Matters!  I mean add it to your Netflix queue NOW… It is available as an instant download.

Marley passed in 1981 at the age of 36, far too young.  Like Lennon, I can tell you his musical and social impact would have been so much greater and would have been still been going strong today.  These were amazing human beings and so even in death, both of these artists have the most amazing impact and importance.  Their musical legacies are so vital and rich and just simply astounding, but they went far beyond music.

Think about the tracks on this one… “Three Little Birds” one of my all-time favorite tunes and a great lesson for living life.

“Exodus,” “Jamming,” “Waiting in Vain,” “Turn Your Lights Down Low”and “One Love/People Get Ready.”

Seriously!!! This is an absolute gorgeous and classic album.  So give it a listen, and for those in LA… get over to the Grammy Museum.


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