The Long Shadows of Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub had been in and out of my musical awareness for a while… a song here, a song there… a track on a compilation album… I think it might have been the tribute to Big Star that really had me sit up and listen…

But what solidified their place in my musical canon was Nick Hornby.  My brother has always raved about his books and I, of course, loved About a Boy and High Fidelity.  But Nick also wrote music reviews for the New Yorker… Hello!!!  I love this man.

So when Dan asked if I had heard of 31 Songs (known as Songbook in the US) and I had not… I rushed to get it from the library.  I believe the copy there even came with a CD.  What a joy.  Hornby is the kind of writer I would love to be and 31 Songs is the kind of book I would love to write.  It is what this blog is trying to be… a discussion of songs and albums and artists that move me and why.

When he started to discuss Teenage Fanclub and Songs From Northern Britain and the song “Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From” I knew I needed to hear more from this band… and as you know, when I get hooked onto something, I go whole hog… all the way… Yes, one might say I even become a little obsessed.  The benefit for you is that I get to share all that joy and passion and musical discovery!!!

Get beyond the name… it is not what you think.  No screaming girls and odd teeny bopper music here.  They are the epitome of jangly pop rock… lots of Byrds influences for sure.  Damn good stuff.

I take pride in knowing that while Rob introduced me to The Pearlfishers, I was able to share this band with him.  He and Alan quickly became hooked and the three of us went to see them live the last time they were in LA.

They played a lot of new songs that blew us away, so we bought the new CD at the show.

Teenage Fanclub – Shadows

Songs From Northern Britain quickly became my favorite TFC album… No, not just because it is Nick Hornby’s favorite… but I picked this one… their latest, because I really like it, was in the mood to listen to it, and think it is remarkable that they are still making such great and vital music.  Get this one and check out all their stuff… Bandwagonesque… and their greatest hits collection, Four Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Six Seconds are must haves!

The band shares songwriting and vocal duties and makes some of the best music you will ever hear!

My three standout tracks are:  “Sometimes I Don’t Need to Believe in Anything,” “Baby Lee,” and “When I Still Have Thee.”

I promise you this is a band you will cherish and hold on to for a long time.  They have influenced a ton of artists and are still making some fantastic music.

So go ahead and join the Teenage Fanclub.  Membership has its rewards.


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