For J… Music We Both Love to Share on Our Journey

For J as she celebrates her 1-1.

Life moves pretty fast… My grandmother turned 99 on Friday and now, today my daughter turns 11.  As much as we try to freeze moments and hold onto them and perhaps even stop space and time, we simply can’t do it.

The key then has to be opening ourselves up more fully, seizing each and every moment and keeping them alive as long as we can, by being fully in the present and letting the moments just be, to fulfil themselves and completely wash all over us.  We can then preserve them in our minds, cherish them in our hearts, and let them continue to live and breathe and exist in our very souls.

I am always questioning myself, asking if I am the best father I can be.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the little things, the daily things, the things that ultimately, mean nothing.  And while I always mean well, sometimes my end actions are not perfect or what they should be.  I could pay more attention… I could criticize less… and I know… I could love even more…

Every single day, I need to keep in mind how wonderful my daughter is, be more supportive and always start with love and praise before criticism.  And somehow I need to be better about listening to her music, and the same songs over and over and over again.  Please give me the strength… or at least some ear plugs.

J listens to Bruce and really likes him, and the next time he is town I am definitely taking her.  So we have that going for us.  She also likes James Taylor, Venice, Michael Jackson and a bunch of other things we affectionately call “my music.”

When we are in the car, it is always a trade-off… we listen to some of “her music” and then some of “my music”,  even though I remind her that she likes way more of my music, than I like of hers.

When we reach common musical ground all are happy.

Our newest thing is Glee.  We usually will watch it together… mostly so we can grab the remote and fast forward through the too many “inappropriate parts.”  But I think the main reason I love it, is that I get to share with her the actual artists who recorded the songs she hears on the show and soundtracks.  It opens up a lot of music for her.

Such is how we came to Journey…

Journey – Greatest Hits

Again, I have been trying to stay away from collections and greatest hits and then I thought… screw it… if that’s what grabs me on a day, then that’s what grabs me.

This album is deeeeelicious!  Just look at that classic 80s album art… It is a true and time defining moment in art.  I really need to find my old concert tee shirts… probably worth a mint!

Actually, I don’t know if J heard Journey on Glee first or if I was playing it for her because we were going to see our cousin’s cousin play in a Journey cover band… Hmmm… Either way she loves “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Faithfully,” “Any Way You Want It,” “Lights,” and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.”  Okay, who doesn’t love those songs?  If you don’t you are clearly not a child of the 80s… or are just too cool for school.

My cousin Lori was absolutely crazy for Journey… Styx, too… And it is a little strange when they tour together… Talk about a flashback… but it is not the same without Steve Perry (Sorry, even though I hear their new Filipino singer is amazing) nor is it the same without Dennis DeYoung.

But for me and J… listening to Journey is fun… even if we have to play something twice, thrice or eleven times… because I love watching her dance and make up steps and just rock out.  These are the bands we can bond over… this is the music we can share… and it gives us that much more time to be together on the journey of life.


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