I Need a Cheap Trick or At Least to be Live in Budokan

See, now if I was talking about this from a magician’s point of view, that would be all right… and the irony is that I AM actually trying to get back into magic a little bit.  Not professionally, just for the fun of it… Okay, I was never REALLY a professional… I mean, I did perform at kid’s parties, but I ain’t no Dai Vernon, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, Ricky Jay, Lance Burton, Max Maven, Houdini, David Blaine, or Jay Sankey.  I just want to get back into the sleight of hand and teach my daughter.

For the record, The Magic Castle out in LA is one of the greatest places EVER!

One of my joys as a kid was magic, and riding to Ken’s Magic Shop in Fair Lawn, New Jersey was such a thrill.  Well, except for the time I stopped at the K-Mart down the street from there to buy an 8-Track and got chased by two kids who wanted to rob me.  Seriously.  These kids ran full speed after me, yelling and screaming and foaming at the mouth, and somehow I was able to get on my bike and ride off… One of the scariest moments of my life.

But Ken’s Magic Shop… It was an oasis.  I dropped so much money in there on gags, dirty business cards (that said things like: “This Card Has Been Chemically Treated.  Now Your Prick Will Fall Off”)…  Don’t ask… and Magic tricks!!!

Hell, half of the cast of Uncle Floyd’s hung out there.  It was great.

The point of all that was this… I had NO IDEA what a cheap trick actually was… But I remember being at The Sandler’s house… They were great friends of our family and lived around the corner, but in the next town… and Howard, a doctor and wonderful and sweet man who has sadly passed, would show me some card tricks.  One of my best tricks comes from Howard.  I will never forget it.  It makes people crazy!

Anyway, we were talking about music and I mentioned Cheap Trick as being one of my favorites.  He looked at me rather inquisitively and a bit surprised and asked me if I knew what a cheap trick was… “Nope,” I said.

And then Howard told me.  Nice!!!  And you better believe I told all my friends… Oh yeah!  Of course, some of them knew… but for those who didn’t… seeing me strut up and give them the low down, put me in a pretty nice place.  Just like the guy who brought Playboys into the Cub Scout cabin for one of our after school meetings… Now that deserved a Wolf Badge!

It gave me a new appreciation of the band for sure, but did not change how much I utterly loved this album.

The first thing that stood out to me was the absolute craziness of the crowd… these guys were golden rock G-ds!  Just listen to those screams.

This album is a classic, of course, and the opening “Hello There” lets you know just what you’re in store for, but for me, once track #6 kicks in, I am locked and loaded and really ready to rock.

“Ain’t That A Shame” into “I Want You to Want Me” into “Surrender” into “Goodnight” and ending with “Clock Strikes Ten.”

This was the band I actually wanted to be in!!! They are still out there playing live… I am trying to get back into magic… and I guess the theme of the weekend is clear… Marc trying to regain or recapture his youth… But ain’t that what it’s always about???  For all of us?

Keep on rocking my friends.  Keep on rocking!


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