Me and the Dalai Lama – The Infinite Depth of Simplicity (Part 3)

So the question is this… Is Yoda based on the Dalai Lama???  We joked about that, but hmmm…

Happiness is the key.  Simple, easy, yet almost impossible to achieve at times.  So many distractions, so many things to take us off our path.

There is a book which I have taken out of the library several times, only to return, unread… I know, perhaps that is part of the problem.  It is called Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Matthieu Ricard.  I have heard great things and am now putting it back on my list.  He has quite a few books that sound fascinating.

We have talked about self-confidence… the importance of the individual into the family and into the community.  His holiness also talked about the brain and intelligence.  He said that we must maintain intelligence for peace and through intelligence we can expand compassion and caring for others.

He mentions quite a lot, that we are our own masters.

We must always utilize the brain, but also calm it, for a calm mind means a healthy mind and body.  He joked about how he was given medicine for the sore throat that had him miss major events at UCLA and Long Beach… and how he mistakenly took too much… his own fault.  He said it made him faint and messed with his consciousness.  Big laughs…

He talked about how an open heart has no more fear.  How (referring to recent events in Japan) we must take tragedies and turn them into opportunities.

And he talked in great lengths about the importance of a secular society, using India as an example where multiculturalism reigns and religion is private… it is your business and your business alone.  Society there is secular and accepting.  “Secularism respects all religions and respects the non believer.”

He talked about how we need a variety of belief systems and religious traditions, how it is not and cannot be one-size-fits-all and he mentioned that every human has shared experiences.  Proper religion is good, he says, when it is pure and practiced in good faith and not used to cause ideological conflicts.

“Emotionally, mentally, physically, we are one human being.  We have the same right to be a happy person.”

Our brain must work towards consciousness… and we can use faith and reason to achieve this… but we must avoid the other side of the brain, the side that focuses on motivation and aspiration.  Or at least balance them.  This is obviously more for superficial and material things as both motivation and aspiration can be good energies and activities.

I’d like to get the exact quote on this, but he said something about our stomachs and that of a billionaire being the same…

He asked what size brain of an animal does it take to show compassion… dogs and cats have it… lots of animals do… but according to him mosquitos don’t.  This came up when a student asked, “You’re the Dalai Lama, but you are also a human being… have you ever acted unethically.”

He proceeded to tell a story and I will try to capture his speech…

In my country… mosquitos can have malaria… dangerous… bad… Sometimes a mosquito come… I give him some of my blood… he flies off… no appreciation.  One… okay.  Two… (He mimes blowing and shooing it away.)  Three or four… (He mimes squashing it on his arm).  Big laugh.

At the end of the lecture, James R. Doty, a doctor, professor at Stanford and member of the Board of Directors of the Dalai Lama Foundation left us with three significant and fantastic life-lesson quotes:

Abraham Lincoln:  “When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.”

Dalai Lama:  “My religion is kindness.”

And I am not sure who he attributed to this one, or the exact wording… but it was something very close to…

“Live your life with kindness, so when your children think of kindness, they think of you.”

So I say to you… May your mind be calm, your brain and heart be filled with love and consciousness and may you attain true and full happiness.

Lots of love and peace of mind to all of you.



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