Always Looking for Grace – Jeff Buckley’s Masterpiece

Today’s entry is going to be a little short, not because it does not deserve more detail or attention, but because I am also trying to get out my blogs on seeing the Dalai Lama yesterday.  It had a huge impact on me… and will not fit into one or perhaps even two entries… Sorry, but I really hope and think it will be worth your time and reading.

Today’s album grabbed me on two levels… the title and all that it implies… and the voice and magic it offers as a gift to all of us.

There is a very sad tragedy behind it, but the music is forever captured and will hopefully be everlasting.

Jeff Buckley – Grace

This is the one and only studio album he would record, so loss is sadly a part of it, along with the amazing things that might have been.  Born only a few months after me he drowned, in strange circumstances, at the age of 30.  Makes you really think you better get out there and make an impact already.  Eerily, his father, the late great Tim Buckley died at age 28.  Two great artists gone way too early.  It also reminds me of the great Bruce Lee and his son Brandon… Strange and sad…

I have a bunch of Tim’s albums and I highly recommend them!  One of them is actually titled Happy Sad… strange days indeed.

With Grace… “Attention must be paid.”  This is the kind of record that may very well live in your stereo or disc changer for a long time to come.

“Last Goodbye” is one of my favorite songs, period… and his cover of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, another of my most cherished songs, is one of, if not the best version of this song I have ever heard.

“Grace” and “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” grab me each and every time…

If you do not know Jeff Buckley, now is the time to meet him… Jeff Buckley.

Sounds like there is a film in the works, which is great!!!

If you have this album, pull it out, put it on and let it wash all over you… it is a blessing and a baptism.  It is pure joy… It is full of grace.



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