Parlo solamente un poco d’italiano – But I Do Speak Zucchero

This is a phrase that has a debate on-line… so many ways to say it…

Perhaps this way or parlo solamente un po d’italiano… Anyway, what it means is “sorry, I only speak a little Italian.  It was a phrase I needed it Italy.  The issue I had, while good, got me into trouble.  I would say hello or some kind of pleasant introduction and my accent was strong enough that many folks thought I was fluent.  Doh!

When we were in France I was impressed with the fact that most people did not think I was American… until a few people told me that the British apparently butcher the language worse than us, so if they thought I was British… Uh oh!!!  What I thought was a compliment might not have been.

Anyway, I love Italy.  Florence is amazing I could easily live there.  Tuscany… stunning and a pure delight.  Venice… Well… I need to go back with money.  This was not so much fun.  I got food poisoning the first night there and the hotel we stayed at may have been the worst ever.  The best part, as touristy as it might be, was the gondola ride we arranged through the American Express office.

Stephanie, the woman we met in Florence said… “Venice is on the water, but the Venetians don’t know how to cook fish!”  That scared me and sadly, on this trip, it turned out to be true.

This is one of those cities where you must have money to do it right.  Next time it’s The Hotel Danieli, the Hotel Gritti Palace or the Europa and Regina.

Wow… only 62 albums in and I am repeating myself.  I have told this story before, although I will be impressed if someone calls me on that.

So here is something new… When we walked around Florence, I kept hearing this album being played in a bunch of stores… I asked who it was and had a woman look at me like I was crazy… She said, in a shocked way, “You don’t know Zucchero?”

From that moment on, I knew and loved Italy’s Cougar and Springsteen… sort of.

Zucchero Fornaciari – Blue Sugar

Zucchero means “sugar” in Italian and he usually goes by just this… His music is not quite as rockin’ as those I mentioned, it has more of a pop, world music feel… and he does like the ballads… but everyone wants to play with him and he is famous the world over.  He has done duets with Sheryl Crow, Sting, Eric Clapton, BB King and the late, greats… Miles Davis and Solomon Burke!!!  Early in his career Randy Jackson played bass for him!!!  The album they did together, Zucchero and the Randy Jackson Band (1985) seems to be out-of-print… Yeah, I know…

This album is rock with a bit of dance beats here and there.  I mean don’t get me wrong… he can and does rock out, and this one will grab you like it grabbed me in all those stores in Italy.  It’s addicting and just a ton of fun.

So grab some Campari or a glass of Chianti and enjoy the sweet Zucchero!


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