Foo Fighters – Stop Wasting Light… and Time… and Money… and…

I am struggling to make my “marc” on the world… Am I an actor… or a writer… or something I have yet to discover?  As each year goes by I feel that many dreams and ideas I had are no longer possible… and that is a bit sad and frustrating.

But I have inspiration all around me… I just need to act faster and stronger and with less doubt.  I need to grab the world by the proverbial balls and shake things up a bit.  Ouch, that was bit odd… but you know what I mean.

Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Torres said “Never put an age limit on your dreams.”  And ideas like that keep me moving forward.

I would be happy to do it once… so it amazes me to see people find massive success in multiple areas or multiple times… All The Beatles, as a band and then solo… Ron Howard… and Dave Grohl is another such dude.  I seriously admire him on so many levels.

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

He seems to be genuinely in love with Rock N’ Roll… he gives everything he has, and there always seems to be the most powerful joy in his face and demeanor.  This is a man filled with bliss.

But what strikes me is a question I would love to ask him… and maybe it has been asked before… Would you trade all of your current success and life to have Kurt and Nirvana back?

Nirvana was amazing, but it was certainly Kurt Cobain’s band.  He was the face and the burning image… Not that Krist Novoselic and Grohl were not a vital part of that trio… but come on.  Krist was the co-founder with Kurt, and I think Dave was drummer # 7 or 8… if you include everyone who played with them from the very start.

In 1994 Cobain took his own life… and it all changed.  Grohl was and is an amazing drummer… in fact, according to Wikipedia, Tom Petty asked him to join the Heartbreakers after he played with the band on SNL in 1994… I never knew that at all!!!  Many bands wanted him on the drum kit, but he recorded a solo demo where he basically played every instrument… bastard… got massive attention… brought some new band members in like Pat Smear (from Germs)… and William Goldsmith on drums… and re-recorded what would be the Foo Fighters self-titled debut.

Two side notes…

1) You should all watch What We Do Is Secret… a great movie about the Germs and the LA Punk scene…

2)  Apparently he was not so nice to William Goldsmith, tormented him a bit and kicked him out of the band.  I guess the label wanted Grohl on drums… and Grohl was obviously particular about what he wanted… so it was a no-win situation.

As a Goldsmith, that makes me sad, but I am willing to meet with Dave and discuss it.

Anyway… This new album rocks!  It was recorded in Grohl’s garage in Encino.  Hey, I used to live in Encino!!!  Damn it!!!

Great rock is about power and immediacy and this album has that in spades.  It moves easily from classic rock to punk to metal… it shoots out of the garage in full throttle and does not let up.  Even the slower songs take hold of you.


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