Guadalcanal Diary of a Mad Man

See this is the way it works… I was doing some research on The Decemberists, which of course led me straight into the hands of R.E.M., which then led me back into a U-turn to a band I have not heard since college… the band we are talking about today.

This is also a case of a few bands coming out of one area at the same time… two went through the stratosphere… This band, while successful at the time, never achieved the success they deserved.

Picture yourself in Marietta or Athens, Georgia back in the 80s… Okay, you should change those pants and that hairdo, but still… You had R.E.M.… and a band called the B-52s… and then you had…

Guadalcanal Diary – Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man

They are described as an alternative “jangle pop” group, which you may recall means groups who used the “chiming or jangly guitars and pop melodies of the ’60s” bands such as The Byrds.”  They could easily be the brother band of R.E.M.

I so need to find a certain box of cassette tapes that I know has a few of their albums, along with The Royal Court of China, and a duo who played at Northwestern and sang a song that is still stuck in my head after so many years… “I Don’t Mind and I Don’t Care.”  Okay, are there any Willard folks out there who have their cassette???

The brilliant Rhino Records … remastered and re-released these about five years ago, and brings an exciting band back to the scene.

This album is not quite as focused as some of the earlier R.E.M. efforts, but is a truly great listen and may very well have some of you reminiscing.  So go grab your 80s beach pants… okay my 80s beach pants… push your hair up and give a listen.


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