I Wanna Be The Only Living Boy in New York (Album #50): Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Where do I start???  My adoration for this album runs so deep.  Truly.  This is one of the greatest recordings ever put on vinyl, and you may have guessed it, “The Only Living Boy In New York” is my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song.

This was their last studio album (talk about walking away when you are on top) and the songwriting is astonishing and brilliant and contemplative, which puts me at odds with some of the crazy stories I have heard about Paul Simon taking claim for other’s work… Read some stories about Los Lobos and Graceland and you will get the idea.  Who the heck knows.  If this or any of the S and G albums mean a thing, it is a testament to the true genius these two men were and are, especially with Simon as a writer.

To me, they are the epitome of folk-rock… they define it… I would put them, C,S, N, Neil Young and Dylan on the very top of that pedestal.

Hard to believe this album is 40 years old this year.  They just put out a deluxe version that has what sounds like an amazing documentary DVD on the making of this record… but I am hearing mixed things about the re-mastering and what tapes were used… Hmmm…

“So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright” and “The Boxer” round out my top three on this one, but again… I can listen to this from start to finish and then start all over again.

Obviously Simon went on to an amazing solo career, and I have seen him live a number of times… but whenever they get together, like on the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert, they still electrify.

In fact, it was at the Rhythm of the Saints tour at the Great Western Forum that my buddy Russ and I gave up our seats for Leonard Nimoy and his buddy, the recently injured David Crosby (and their wives).  That was quite a night.

Their artistic and political significance cannot be measured… and it makes you realize how powerful music can be, and how truly important it is.  History and all its lessons can be traced through our music.


Walking around DC, I find it ironic that so many significant and classic buildings have representation of the arts and music… These have been important since civilization began… yet they are the first things cut!

The world needs to support the arts.  The US needs to support its arts… and its artists.  Remember that when your school district tries to cut its music and art programs… Remember that when the budget for NPR and public radio is disregarded and ignored.

Music means so much.  Simon and Garfunkel’s music will move us and teach us… It was and still is timely and timeless…
And as long as we are able to listen it will endure.

Long live rock n’ roll!


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