I Am Not Client #9, But I Do Like The Clientele

Okay… a quick recap… If you are not listening to Thirteen Senses, The Boxer Rebellion and Trashcan Sinatras then I am not having the musical impact I am hoping to have.

Look, we all have our own musical tastes and opinions and I am not saying that mine is better than yours… Okay, yes I am.

Seriously, I’m not… I have a thing for British Power Pop and Classic 80s Rock… I know that; and I know I run all over the gamut, but there are certain things, certain music and certain bands that I just feel really strongly about.  Those aforementioned bands are on the top of my list.

I honestly believe these bands will enrich your musical life… and hell, life in general.  Seriously, the music is that lush and beautiful and significant.

The Clientele is another such band, and to use a word I like to use a bit… They are delicious.

The Clientele – Bonfires on the Heath


According to their site, they are taking a “bit of a rest.”  Uh oh…

I am trying to be better about keeping track of how I hear about certain bands, as I really do not recall how I heard about The Clientele.

I think I must have been searching for another band and found them, but ironically after I was already into them, I saw this CD in the giveaway bin when I was volunteering at KCRW.  I made a lot of folks take it.

According to Wikipedia, the band has actually experienced more success in the US here than in the UK.  Hmmm…

This is their 6th album and fluctuates between God Save the Clientele as my favorite albums of theirs.  That one may edge this one out, but this is the one I picked up today.

There are so many sub genres of alternative music, and this one is often called Melancholy Pop, or maybe shoe gazer pop… To me it is dreamy and a bit psychedelic and lush (yes, I know I use this word a lot, too… but it fits in the world of power pop) especially when there are strings, complicated arrangements and deep orchestrations.  The tunes are very accessible, but there is just so much going on.

Wikipedia uses words like reverb heavy sound… reverb-rich production to describe them, especially on their earlier albums.  I do agree, although their sound definitely gets cleaner and more produced on later albums.

They are on Merge Records with label mates and another KCRW favorite,  Spoon.


So sit yourself in a comfy chair, toss on the headsets and let The Clientele wash all over you.  This is just some gooood music.


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