Almost The Beatles… The Dave Clark Five

Yeah, we have another train of thought theme going…

Okay, so you may have been fooled by The Rutles and thought they were the real deal… but imagine you were the band that actually came over WITH The Beatles… Imagine you were part of the British Invasion and became PRETTY big… just not THAT big…

It kind of reminds me of a joke I heard a comic do once… He said this is my impression of Pete Best, and proceeded to mime getting up and yawning and stretching.  Then he stopped, looked out at the audience and yelled, “F–k!”

Welcome to the story of The Dave Clark Five!

Dave Clark Five – Coast to Coast

In the 1960s the British invaded us again.  This time the world would never be the same.  There is just something magical about that “Mercy beat.”

The first group to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show was The Beatles.  The second was The Dave Clark Five.

“Glad All Over” actually knocked “I Want To Hold Your Hand” off the UK charts and did quite well over here.

They did a movie called Catch Us If You Can (the title was Having a Wild Weekend in the US) and were wildly popular in the day, but obviously one group went deep into the universe, and one, while still a Hall and Fame band, did not quite go as far.

Although, ironically Dave Clark did a sci-fi musical about time and space called Dave Clark’s Time.  I saw it in London, starring David Cassidy and quite enjoyed it, actually.

Dave Clark was the drummer and also managed and produced the band.  When the albums were released here, they put them out in a way that three or four albums were coming out each year… Crazy!

Coast to Coast was the fourth US release and came out in 1965 and had their hit “Anyway You Want It.”

While their bigger hits were “Glad All Over,” “Bits and Pieces” and I Like It Like That” I like this album a lot.  Actually I like all of their albums and scored the whole collection off eBay years ago for a literal song… One of the few good deals I’ve made.

If you want a great overview, they put out a double, greatest hits CD called History of the Dave Clark Five on Hollywood Records back in the 90s, but I think exploring their single releases and really seeing what the band was all about is a better way to go.

They will never be as big as The Beatles, but they were a phenomenal Rock n’ Roll band in their own right and part of a musical landscape that changed the world.


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