College Radio Free Europe

This could be a Before and After puzzle on Wheel of Fortune!

We all have memories from college that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.  It is an amazing time.  It is also a musically formative time where we discover new music and genres and artists, and our tastes and palates expand… and oh yeah, we drink a lot of beer.

For me there was jazz, classical, Jimmy Buffet, Ornette Coleman, Spyro Gyra, the blues… and R.E.M.

R.E.M. – Murmur

This one came out in 1983 on the long gone I.R.S label and is amongst the first “Alternative”albums to hit the scene.  Rolling Stone hailed it as the best album of 1983, and for anyone who doubts that the 80s put out great Rock n’ Roll, realize that Murmur beat out: Thriller by Michael Jackson, War by U2 and Synchronicity by The Police. That is amazing and kind of crazy.  All four of these albums are amongst my all-time favorites.

I think this album might have been on permanent rotation at the Sigma Nu house… and every room probably had it blasting at one point or another.

“Radio Free Europe” and “Talk About the Passion” in particular evoke great memories… I can see myself sitting on a couch in a few of the brother’s rooms… a drink in my hand… Shhh… and the stereo on.

This album definitely holds up in the ‘ol “test of time” and whereas old folk rock bands like The Byrds influenced this one, you know R.E.M. has influenced many others!

Dust this one off and give it a spin.  Great, great album and a great, great band!




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