With Vegas and Women, It’s the Luck of the Draw

Sorry… trying to throw some great “web search” words out there.  You have no idea how certain people find this blog…

Anyway… today I was grabbed by Bonnie Raitt.  No, not literally… I wish… Was just looking through my stacks and realized I had not heard this great album in some time.

Bonnie Raitt – Luck of the Draw

I have seen Bonnie live a few times… Awesome… I have met Bonnie… as nice and cool and delightful as you could and would imagine.

She rocks and rocks hard, and her knowledge of the blues runs deep.

I love this album for many reasons… One, because it assured her place in rock history and kept an amazingly long and fruitful career going.  This one (7x Multi-Platinum) and Nick of Time (5x Multi-Platinum) really put her on top and into the mainstream, where she belongs.  Second, it introduced me to the glorious Irish singer-songwriter Paul Brady.  If you do not know his work, just listen to “Not the Only One” and “Luck of the Draw” and then seek his recordings out.  His song “Nothing But the Same Old Story” became an anthem for me and Josh, my former and perhaps future writing partner.  Wow.  It is one of the best songs you will ever hear.  The lyrics just cut us to the bone.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgaIAzWW2zc


She duets with the unbelievable Delbert McClinton… another legend… http://www.delbert.com/

And does another cover (“No Business”) by the artist formerly and currently known as genius, John Hiatt.

Her four original songs here are fantastic, as well… “Tangled and Dark,” “Come to Me,” “One Part Be My Lover” (written with ex-husband and Caddyshack star Michael O’Keefe) and “All at Once.”

This one in particular on thew album slays me…


In addition to her musical work, she is a rock in her support of old blues artists, both to preserve their music, but also their lives, dignity and legacy!



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One response to “With Vegas and Women, It’s the Luck of the Draw

  1. Edna Salter

    Hi Marc,
    I love Bonnie Raitt. And, Love in the Nick of Time and I Can’t Make You Love Me (those lyrics just kill ya) are two of her hits that I think are great and will stand the test of time. I too fell in love with great music during my college days. Laura Nyro was amazing during that time. Do you know her music?

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