I’m All For Gun Control, But Let Me Own The Rifles

Okay, the whole right to bear arms is ludicrous.  During the Revolution when we needed to raise arms against the British it made sense.  Now… not so much.

Many say it is our G-d given right, but I’d like to ask G-d about that one.  Do we really think that he/she is thinking… Hmmm, those humans need to have guns… more guns… lots of guns!

I don’t think so.

Now, I have shot a gun before, and I do have to say it was pretty cool and really put things into perspective.  I understand it a lot more, but still… I am fine with my Rifles!  The CD that is.  And you won’t have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand… I’ll share.

The Rifles Great Escape

British Punk Pop.  I really thought I made this term up… I don’t think I ever heard it, but maybe I did… Either way, this is how I describe the band The Rifles.

I was looking for the Pigeon Detectives on iTunes and some reviewer was raving about this band.  I found this CD at Amoeba, the Costco of used record stores and my idea of heaven…  popped it in as I was driving home and just immediately dug it.  Their first album, the great No Love Lost, has some killer songs, too and is also a must listen.  The other great thing is that The Rifles search lead me to The Kooks, another great UK band who I’ll discuss at some point.

Apparently an Oasis concert spurred the idea of creating the band, although I am not hearing much of those bickering Gallagher boys here.  However, one can hear the influences of The Jam for sure.

In addition to The Kooks, they are also compared to The Young Knives, a band I am just starting to listen to… and Arctic Monkeys.  One might also hear some Strokes.

The album just sets itself ablaze from the get-go, and I like the whole thing, but my stand out tracks here are:

“Science in Violence”

“Toe Rag”

“Winter Calls”

“Romeo and Julie”

Check ’em out at :




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