The Paper, A Cup of Joe and My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

My brother is going to lay claim to this one, and while he is way into this band and is always raving about them and saw every single show on their last NYC tour stop… where they played a different album in its entirety each night and where almost no songs after that album were the same… this band comes to me from Cameron Crowe.

Have I met Cameron Crowe?  Yes, at a charity event years ago, where I told him that Almost Famous was my new Godfather… meaning that if I turn on the tube and that movie is showing I CANNOT STOP watching it… no matter where it is in the film… commercial-free cable or not… 3 in the afternoon or four in the morning… It is on my top favorite movie lists of all time.

Do I know Cameron Crowe?  No.  Wish I did.  He is one of, if not my favorite writer and filmmaker, and uses music in film perhaps better than anyone.  I had a Letter to the Editor published in the LA Times on just that… Need to dig that out.  It was a good piece.

It was in the stellar soundtrack for Elizabethtown that he uses My Morning Jacket… and that is how I was introduced to MMJ.  I was not instantly as fanatic a fan as Dan, but I was smitten off the proverbial bat, and did seek them out after that soundtrack.  Their appeal has continued to grow for me, and they may be the best band out there right now… My bro is right on that.

If you sign up for their e-mail list, in honor of their upcoming new release, you can get five or six free downloads… Do it!!!

All of their albums are great, and I go back and forth as to which one I like the best… all about mood I guess… But this one grabbed me today.

They were formed in Louisville, one of my favorite places ever and came out of the gate as an alternative country/rock band in the vein of Wilco and Ryan Adams.  While I will still firmly put them in this category, they have also expanded their sound and reach and have experimented with many influences.  The strong influence of Neil Young can still be heard, especially here and especially in some of Jim’s plaintive wails.

Their sixth studio album Circuital is due out on May 31st of this year!

They have three live albums… and to give you an idea of how good these guys are live… I think I have the FOUR HOUR SET they played at the Bonnaroo Festival (yes, also on my wish list) in 2008.

Shaky camera, but you’ll get the idea:


The current line up is Jim James on vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, Tom Blankenship on bass (the only two founding members) and Patrick Hallahan on drums, Bo Kester on keyboards and Carl Broemel on guitar.  These guys are an amazingly tight group, able to play almost anything… and the covers they do are awesome.

Favorite tracks off this one:



“Master Plan”

“One Big Holiday”

Man, this album makes me want to rent a convertible, blast the hell out of it and just drive!!!


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