Naked, Naked, Naked!

Okay, so this is proof that using the word “naked” gets your attention… It gets my attention.

Barenaked Ladies – Maybe You Should Drive

Back in 1994, when LA had the best radio station ever (101.9 KSCA) I won a contest and got to see Barenaked Ladies play a courtyard at the offices of Warner Brothers Records.  I think the concert might have been in ’95… I don’t remember.  Either way, it was pretty damn cool.  The radio station, which was at that time in the “AAA” format (Adult Album Alternative), played varied and deep cuts and introduced me to a ton of new artists… more than anyone else.  Yes, they even beat KCRW.  Two stand outs were Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies and they remain amongst my favorite bands of all time.  The station featured DJ Nicole Sandler (formerly of the Mark and Brian Show on KLOS), who I had a huge crush on… both in voice and in person.  Mimi Chen was also there, and you can now hear her on The Sound 100.3.

The station went to a Spanish language format… and that was that.  As much as I love KCRW and The Sound, LA radio never recovered for me.

The legacy, however, was a swelled record collection.

Today it is over 90 degrees in LA… sorry everyone else… and I wanted something that was a joyful, summer kind of weather listen.

Here it is.  This band is amazingly talented… and sometimes that gets lost in their pointed and wicked senses of humor.  Their lyrics are brilliant… the music is fantastic… and they have a ton of fun.  My daughter has loved them since she first started listening to music… Okay, I might have forced them and Bruce and James Taylor on her… sue me.  But she DOES NOT like all my music, so there.

She loves the opening track “Jane,” partly because they mention her name in the lyrics.  In my opinion, there is not a bad track here.

We’ll each have our favorites, but this is the kind of record that will stay in your stereo or CD player or car multi-disc changer for a long, long, time.

Sadly, I think the bad is not the same since the departure of co-lead singer Steven Page… but they are carrying on, and Ed Roberston and Jim Creeggan have a lot of great music in them.

Their latest, All In Good Time (out just over a year ago) had some good tunes (and a rather harsh, biting and autobiographical opener)… just not the clever, light and funny consistency of albums past.

Make up, boys… you were great together!!!

Now to all of you… go out and get NAKED!



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