There’s Silver in Them Thar Hills

Last night was Fiddlefest, a big, multi-school strings concert at Lindero Canyon Middle School.  My daughter is in her third year of violin and it’s always fun to see so many kids playing such beautiful, classical music (with some Eurythmics and Van Morrison thrown in to boot!)  I’m thinking that might have been for us adults!

I decided once again that I adore the cello. It is my most favorite orchestral instrument.  That and the bassoon, although, I’m wondering if that’s just because I just like saying the word, bassooooooon.  The oboe is cool, too… but no!  I must stay on point.  My favorite is the cello.  It comes close to the lows of the bass and to the highs of the violin and is just a magnificent instrument.

One of the pieces Lindero did was “Western Dawn” by Alan Lee Silva.  I cannot find a recording of this anywhere and am not sure how they came to it, although based on what I found on-line, it seems to be well-known to school orchestras.

I am now laying claim to this music if I ever do a Western.  Let this blog be my official statement!  It’s mine!

It was a stunning piece and reminded me of the spectacular music from the film Silverado.  Thus, we come to today’s album.  I told you we’d be going all over the map!

Silverado – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Composed and Conducted by Bruce Broughton)

The movie is a personal favorite and directed by one of my most cherished directors, Lawrence Kasdan.  I just love this flick.

I never thought I’d say this, but they don’t make ’em like they used to, and considering this came out in 1985, that is sad.  This is a classic hero myth, where a rag-tag bunch come together for redemption and justice.  Classic folklore and classic Hollywood.

I do not recall if the chicken or the egg came first for me, meaning that  I may have actually heard the soundtrack first… Testament to how this holds up on its own.  It was during college and when I was really getting into classical and orchestral music.

I love the work of music advisors and a soundtrack filled with great and rare songs, but I miss the days of the true motion picture soundtrack… a classical or even jazz score that adds to the plot and theme and feel of a movie, and often becomes an additional character.  Some of the music I hold most dearly is film music… Especially that of Erich Wolfgang Korngold.  The Sea Hawk and The Adventures of Robin Hood should be held in the highest regard and alongside many works in the classical cannon.  Randy Newman’s drop dead gorgeous score for The Natural is up there for me… as is Ennio Morricone’s Cinema Paradiso.  These are important and dazzling pieces of music that can be listened to on their own, over and over… but the depth they bring to those films is immeasurable.  A good soundtrack completes the experience and takes us on a much deeper, emotional journey.

This is exactly what happens with Bruce Broughton’s score.  You are subtly aware of it during the movie… literally taken on a ride… Yes, that is you on that magnificent steed… and you seek it out afterwards.  You must listen again.  For me, this music inspires.  I use it when I write, to get to a certain tone or idea.

There is a reason classical music moves us so, and Silverado is right up there.


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