I Want to be 21 Again!!!

This is, appropriately, album #21!!!

Adele – 21

I opened my mail box today, fully expecting nothing but junk mail and bills.  The box itself is in serious need of repair, or more ideally replacement, and can be a bit precarious.  Apparently it has fallen off the post on at least one occasion and landed on the foot of our carrier… I know… I know… I’ll fix it.  I will.

Today was mostly the usual… catalogs… bills… the solicitation or two… Nothing good… But… suddenly I saw a small padded envelope.  Ahhh!  As soon as I saw KCRW on the return corner, I knew that our long-awaited Adele – 21 CD was here.  You give the station money during a pledge drive and you get a nice premium.  The more you give, the more you get… Of course, you can just give and not take anything, which is ideal and I will certainly do that one day… But for now I took a CD.

I also volunteer during their semi-annual pledge drives and they were playing “Someone Like You” a lot during this winter’s drive.  I loved the song from the start.  Apparently there are some grumblings that the way she has been doing it live is much, much better and not the way the studio version goes, to which I say… Shut the —- up.  I have not head that version… Maybe it is better… But this song is phenomenal as is.

I was a fan of Adele’s from the first note that fell from her lips. Well, okay I was not around her for that… but the first one I heard.  It is absolutely crazy that she is only 22 (she turns 23 on May 5, 2011)… and yes, a bit frustrating.  What?  I’m a little jealous.  Sue me.  I cannot even imagine what I would have done if I had that much inmate talent at such a young age.

She credits the BRIT school for nurturing her… Isn’t that a novel concept!  Imagine a school who nurtures artistic talent!  Her first hit was “Hometown Glory” but the wonderful “Chasing Pavements” is what really put her on the map, at least here.

I watch these “You Tube sensations” and while some of them are quite good, it is almost too much, too many and way too young… and in comparison to someone like this… They are just not that good… yet.  Adele seems like she came out of the womb fully formed into the powerful soul singer she is.  Comparisons to Etta James are right on.

For me. Adele came on the heels of a mini-Soul Singer-movement that included the troubled but amazing Amy Winehouse and the more photo ready and “cleaner” Duffy.  While she was the last one I heard off that list, she is definitely my favorite.

The whole album is great… no sophomore slump here… but the highlights for me on this one are:

“Someone Like You” – This fits her self-definition of “heartbroken soul” to a tee.

“Rolling in the Deep” – Sounds like a classic I have heard for years.

“One and Only” – She just feels each and every song so deeply.


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