In My 80s – Asia’s Asia

I am actually stealing from myself as I know I have used this title before, but screw it… it’s a good title and I’m using it again.  Let’s hope that hundreds of you notice and say, “Hey, Marc… you already used that one, you lazy SOB!”

The impetus for today’s selection was three-fold… First, this one is obviously right up there alphabetically as I look at my shelves of CDs… but second and more importantly, this morning’s news had Africa and the Mid East imploding, so I figured Asia was a somewhat, relatively quiet continent at the moment… And third, I FRICKING LOVE THIS ALBUM, so there!!!

Thoughts out to those innocents in Libya, Israel and Japan… The world seems pretty dark these days.  Hang in there.

Asia – Asia

This is the band and the album that gave rise to the notion of and title Supergroup.  Perhaps consciously “manufactured,” though not as much as the majority of boy bands, Asia consisted of John Wetton on bass and vocals (King Crimson), Geoffrey Downs on keyboards (The Buggles, Yes), Steve Howe on guitar (Yes) and the still youthful looking Carl Palmer on drums (ELP).  I saw Asia twice back in the day… Both amazing stage shows… and twice in the last few years at my local Canyon Club… Wetton sounded better now than he has in years… Palmer looks like he is 20… obviously giving merit to exercising with your arms above you heart… supposedly orchestra conductors are an amazingly, healthy lot… and sadly Steve Howe, while still awesome, just looked old.  They play mostly Asia songs, but all get to do some stuff from their other bands.  The shows are a total blast.  Strangely, there is some other dude who played with Asia for like a minute who is also touring under the name… so make sure you see the RIGHT band.  Not sure how this guy is not under a “Cease and Desist” but there you go.

This band took a lot of slack in the day for being too sleek and produced, but like I said, this is the kind of music I grew up on… the kind of music I still love to listen to, and you know what… screw them, it’s damn good.  To me, music from the 80s is like comfort food.  It is my “comfort music.”  Yes, that is my term, so do NOT steal it!

With the occasional rock ballad thrown in, these guys were masters at writing Rock anthems.  Pick any one of these songs and just crank ’em up… I guarantee a mood change and a smile on your face!!!

Heat of the Moment

Only Time Will Tell

Sole Survivor

One Step Closer

Time Again

Wildest Dreams

Without You

Cutting It Fine

Here Comes That Feeling


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