The Strokes of Midnight

I was going to entitle this piece “Stroke Me, Stroke Me” but thought folks would think I was either being dirty or that I was about to embark on a treatise on Billy Squier, so…

I remember when The Strokes put out their first CD in 2001, Is This It… and along with bands like The Hives, The Vines and The White Stripes, we ushered in the Indie, Lo-Fi, revived Garage Band sound.  According to Wikipedia, this is also considered the Post-Punk Revival.

Angles is their latest and I hear influences of Phoenix and MGMT, especially on the fantastic, radio-ready “Under Cover of Darkness.” The irony of course, is that both these bands were influenced by The Strokes, so it is all coming full circle.

Other current and contemporary bands in this vein include some my favorites like The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Interpol and a few brand-new discoveries like Editors and The Libertines!  I am sure we will discuss at least a few of these great groups.

The album is a joy to listen to, but I was a bit disappointed in the mix when they played “Under Cover…” on SNL as Julian’s vocals seem to be extra muffled and buried way too deep.

This is great driving music and makes me wish I had a convertible to take out on the PCH.  Ah well, I can always put the windows down and pretend… or crank this up on the home stereo with the windows open and scare the neighbors.

10 songs and all a fun listen.  My highlights are the already mentioned “Under Cover of Darkness,” the opener “Machu Picchu,” “Two Kinds of Happiness” and the great, but softer closer “Life is Simple In The Moonlight.”

Their side projects like Little Joy with Fabrizio Moretti and Albert Hammond, Jr.’s two solo albums are equally strong listens.

So go Stroke yourself.  Sorry, I had to… At least to see if you’re out there reading and actually go all the way to the bottom!

Peace, love and music!


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