Irish Eyes Are Smiling

No, not mine… For the record I am not Irish and I have never been to Ireland… But I really, really want to go!!!  I enjoy Guiness, Harp and Bushmills.  I love Gaelic music and I look good in green.  So perhaps I can be an honorary Irishman… At least for today.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I did not want to go with the obvious choice of U2… As much as I love and adore what I think is the last great stadium-sized rock band out there… The Waterboys were next on the list and would make a great selection… “Whole of the Moon” may very well be one of my deserted island tracks, and in fact, I saw The Waterboys open for U2 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, right before U2 hit.  Wow!

Both of those bands will be discussed in the future.  I also contemplated doing an homage to Gary Moore, who passed a just over a month ago.  He was a fantastic singer and influential guitar player… master of the blues, as evidence in his amazing “Still Got the Blues” (song and album of the same name) and was also known for his work with Thin Lizzy.  RIP Gary.  But today, I was just in the mood to revisit another album.

What grabbed me was the soundtrack to Once.  If you have not see this film, run and rent it.  It is a beautiful movie and one of the best music based films out there, and just a joy to watch.  The music and film come from The Frames’ Glen Hansard, his director and bass playing former band mate in The Frames, John Carney and his ex-romantic interest but still musical partner Marketa Iglova.  The two of them record under the name The Swell Season and are well worth checking out… as is any album by The Frames, a band apparently bigger in Ireland than U2.  Sounds odd, but someone told me that.  So maybe in certain circles… I don’t know.

“Falling Slowly” won the Oscar for best song and deservedly so.  It captured the entire essence of the film and the love story beautifully and is what a Best Song should be.

“If You Want Me” is a duet on many levels… the vocals of course, and the deep yearning of the heart.

“When Your Mind’s Made Up” is a nice, slow burn.  It just keeps building.

“Leave” and “All the Way Down” are both heartbreakers.

“Say It to Me Now” leaves us on the soundtrack, just as the film does… with a call to act… a potential for hope… and a knowing that our yearnings will never stop.


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