Before the Big Mac

Please accept my apology.  Today’s album is not in print… at least not “officially.”  You can find the bootlegged version every so often in a used bin… or on line… or through other, more nefarious means… but it deserves attention and should be in everyone’s collection…

It’s in my car stereo and it came on and I thought… this has to be the album for today.

Buckingham Nicks is, according to Wikipedia, a “10-track LP.”  I love that!!!  It was originally released in 1973 to commercial failure… and re-released in 1976 after they joined Fleetwood Mac and “has since gained cult status.”  For me it was quite a quest to find.  I remember seeing the CD and hearing it at a friends and then there was a gap of years spent trying to track it down… Rhino Records was supposed to finally put it out as an official release in 2003 but that never happened.  Booo!!!

It features incredible guitar work, gorgeous vocals and harmonies and drumming by the incomparable Jim Keltner!

You can hear some of the songs when Fleetwood Mac plays live and on a few of their official releases, but when listening to the original album, you realize how brilliantly and fully formed Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were and just how much they really bought to the Fleetwood Mac table.  I still contend that Lindsey is one of the best and most under-rated guitarists out there.  Just watch his finger work… Wow!

I will admit that the first time I heard both these amazing artists was as part of Fleetwood Mac.  Obviously their years with the Mac are some of the most incredible in Rock n’ Roll, but they also went on to solo success… Well, as much as I love Out of the Cradle, Stevie was the one who really hit.

Before forming Buckingham Nicks they played in a band called Fritz and for those interested, this is a fun read about those very early days…

Buckingham Nicks, while hard to find, is absolutely delicious!

“Crying in the Night.” This opener says it all and shows just how much influence their sound had on the revamped Fleetwood Mac.

The instrumental “Stephanie” shows off his incredible guitar work and is apparently available on a Buckingham promotional only CD called Words and Music (A Retrospective). What is up with thiese hard to get CDs??? You know I will be on the hunt for that one!

“Without a Leg to Stand On.” Lindsey takes the vocal lead on this great tune.

“Crystal” was re-recorded for the Fleetwood Mac album.  Stellar song!!!

“Long Distance Winner” – Can be found on Stevie’s box set Enchanted.

The rocking “Don’t Let Me Down Again” shows up as a live Fleetwood Mac version on 1980s’ Live.

“Django” is another beautiful instrumental and I will guess an homage to the great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

“Races Are Run.” This phenomenal tune could have easily been a Mac hit, too!

“Lola (My Love).” Bluesy, guitar picking goodness.  I love the way he just attacks the instrument!

“Frozen Love.” Seriously???  Tell me Lindsey is not a Guitar hero!  I dare you!

Polydor certainly messed up by dropping them after this one-off… On the other hand, look where it lead them!!!  You just never know.

Track this one down.  You will be very, very happy you did!!!


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