Electronic Soother

I was going to do something else entirely today, but the day got away from me and this is what grabbed me.  Keep an eye out for Joni Mitchell, The Pearlfishers and a rare Buckingham Nicks this week!

William Orbit has many great albums, but his most current is what I have been listening to as of late.  My Oracle Lives Uptown is a great collection of music only tracks, and some featuring nice female vocals; which seems to be a successful Electronic formula I have heard on many albums.

I will admit that Electronic or Electronica is one of my later interests… and an area I do not know much about it, other than a few of the big artists and maybe a hand full of cool discoveries.  Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, Air and Nicola Conte are on my playlist for sure.

My friend Mark turned me on to the first two artists… and I am sure KCRW had something to do with the other two.  Hell, William Orbit had a show on KCRW for a while and I have heard him Guest DJ.


There are so many genres within this one… like Trippy, Trip Hop, Trance… It’s hard to keep track of, but usually the tone and feel is pretty obvious and will guide you.  This album is one of those that can serve many purposes… soothing, for when I just want to mellow out… Great mood music… or something that would work quite well as the soundtrack to a nice, somewhat casual party.

In my earlier life, I was just never exposed to much Electronic music.  I was never a big club guy and no one I knew really listened to it.  The more dance-type stuff I still don’t love, at least not to listen to at home, but albums like this I find quite enjoyable… especially for the end of the day.

Orbit has produced songs for Madonna and Blur and has re-mixed tunes for countless other artists.  Plus, he’s done a version of one of my favorite classical pieces, Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings.

Hello Waveforms is considered his classic and an album I really love and recommend.  And there are some killer tracks on his Strange Cargo projects, too… but I would probably start with the former.

As far as this one goes, I would totally put this on your list, too… Hell, I am mellowing out and quite enjoying this now!


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