Oscar the Grouch Lives in a Trashcan

And so should you.  Well, okay you shouldn’t live there literally, just musically, for today we’re talking about Trashcan Sinatras and their first album Cake.

The band was formed in Scotland in 1986… a mere year before I was there.  I so wish I had run into them back then. For anyone who knows me, you know that Scotland holds a strong place in my heart.  I did an improv/sketch comedy show with a group from Northwestern in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in ’87.  One of those pivotal moments in life.  Edinburgh is one of the greatest cities I have ever been to and so underrated.  The castle… the Royal Tattoo… the Mound… Arthur’s Seat… and the people.  How I love the Scots and the city of Edinburgh.

It was here that I learned how to play the harmonica, did a few illicit things, met some amazing folks from around the globe and fell in love… with bagpipe music.  Yeah, I know… crazy, but I really dig it.  What can I say?

I have been raving about this band for a while, and I’m shocked that the love is not flowing back to me as much as it should be.  This is a band who writes some beautiful music, filled with poetic and clever lyrics and a witty sense of humor.  Their harmonies are exquisite.  It is Brit-pop music in the best sense of the word.  Seeing them live and acoustic is just a joy and some of you lucky folks are stops on their current tour.  Trust me and get tickets now.  They just added a date in LA!!!!!


They take e-mail requests for songs… and even play some House Parties along the way.  How cool is that?  Look, I love a great stadium show just like the next guy, but with bands like Trashcan Sinatras and Venice, where you can actually have a true dialogue and connection with the band, it just makes it that much more special and personal and meaningful.

They started off as a cover band, but found college radio success with Cake, and Obscurity Knocks even went to #12 on the US Charts.  I am sure you have heard this song and Only Tongue Can Tell at some point or another, somewhere on your journey.  Their studio is called Shabby Road… Great sense of humor boys!

They are most compared to The Smiths and Aztec Camera and a review on iTunes implies they influenced bands like Travis and Coldplay.  It also says that the rise of grunge in the 90s had many writing them off as fluff and knocked them off their rising path.  Hey, I love Nirvana, too.  I love a lot of music, and there is a place for everything, and while this may be more on the gentle and breezy side, it is hardly fluff.  Just listen to the songs.  There is so much there and so much that comes out with each and every listen.  This band has become one of my personal and passionate favorites.

Their fifth studio album, the wonderful In the Music, came out just last year and Carly Simon sings back up on it!

So give Cake a listen and make your way through their catalog, including their amazing live albums.  You will quickly find they are the real deal and I think you will be hooked on Trashcan Sinatras.



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