Sweden – It’s Not Just For Abba Anymore

After last night’s AFTAF concert to help support music in public schools, there will certainly be something with David Crosby tomorrow.  What a show… Venice… Richard Page of Mr. Mister, America and David Crosby… and an awesome high school orchestra and horns sections!  What an evening… Inspiring as usual.

But this one is better than Swedish Fish!  Seriously, this is a band you MUST know.

Sweden has given us a lot of great things… And yes, I consider Abba one of them.  The songwriting duo of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are remarkable for their sheer number of hits.  Can anyone say fourth best-selling artists of all time… in the history of recorded music… Hello???!!!  They also scored with the magnificent musical Chess.  They’re good… real good.

But the exports continue.  You can skip the Saabs, but do not miss The Hives and today’s band… one of my new absolute favorites… The Perishers!  I’m also exploring Peter Bjorn and John, but need to get back to you on that one.

And no worries, Norway.  The fantastic Magnet will be discussed at some point for sure!

The Perishers – Let There Be Morning

Much of their attention in the US is due to shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The OC and Veronica Mars, who brilliantly incorporate fantastic music and tunes, many undiscovered.  While I did not really watch those latter two shows, I absolutely listened to their soundtracks!

I am not going track by track on this CD.  No need to.  It is a joy from start to finish.  I cannot tell you how much I love this band.  I’m still feeling my way through Victorious, but From Nothing to One (their first) and this one, Let There Be Morning (their 2nd) are pure pop perfection.  You’ll hear some Coldplay and Radiohead for sure, but really listen to the lyrics as well.  Some deep stuff in there.  They’re also often compared to Travis, Keane and Athlete, all great bands, and all may wind up in this blog at some point, but you had me at Travis…

This is the kind of album that will quickly become part of the soundtrack of your life.  There are songs of love and joy, and pain and sorrow.  It fits my motto to a tee… “Life is music and music is life.”

Nothing Like You and I and Trouble Sleeping just tear me up.  I so dig all the yearning and poetry.

There is a live version of Pills with Sarah McLachlan, that is not on this album.  I prefer that one, party because she is so utterly astounding… but this one is haunting nonetheless.

Amazon.com says you’ll find “somber songs punctuated with tumbling pianos, melodramatic lyrics and an unmistakable earnestness…”

iTunes says their second album “breathes much easier with its atmospheric piano-laden melodies.”

I say run to this band.  Thank you, you’re welcome, good night.


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