Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell

Classic Rock at its glorious and grand-gestured best… Fifth best-selling album worldwide… 43 million albums sold.  And I can still listen to it any time or place!

Like seven minutes in heaven, these seven songs will stay with me forever.  I don’t recall the impact this album had on me when it first came out in 1977, as I am sure I was too young to really get it or appreciate it… but I will never forget the impact it had on me one glorious summer nine years later.

We tend to hold a special place in our hearts for music we love when we are young.  It defines us; it shapes and molds us. It is born in specific moments; times of love or perhaps even heartbreak, and leaves those moments forever playing in our mind.

It feels good to come back to those songs and albums again and again.  It is safe and comforting and… well… it is home.

I remember the video for “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Who was this odd, fat man with the affected mannerisms and flying hanky?  Who was his gorgeous and sexy back up singer (Karla DeVito… Robbie Benson’s wife, actually.)

Interesting Fact according to Wikipedia:  In the videos, DeVito is lip-synching to vocals by Ellen Foley.

But anyway… nine years after Bat Out of Hell came out, I was working as a counselor at a summer camp in Rockland County, NY.  I saw a fellow counselor who took my breath away… and after some convincing, I found myself at her house, in her bedroom and on her floor listening to Meatloaf.  To be honest, I cannot recall if it was an album or cassette.  I do remember having to switch sides… and I certainly remember making out… long, slow kisses playing themselves out to the long, and I mean almost too long for radio opuses from masters Michael Lee Aday and Jim Steinman and the maestro producer Todd Rundgren.

Hints of Springsteen (Max and Roy play on this one) and Broadway… musical theatre, rock operas and classic operas… But Out of Hell was just that… operatic, and so was that night… For it was the first time I ever told a girl that I loved her.

Things seemed great, and lasted into the summer… but I would only find out later she was just using me to make an ex jealous.  Crushing.

I remember being in my fraternity one afternoon and getting a call on the house phone, which was odd, as she knew my private room number… where she told me she did not want to see me anymore.  I swear to you, that playing on the stereo in our living room was the Genesis song “Throwing It All Away.”

That’s what I mean about music… It was like a fricking movie… Really?  That song is playing at the precise moment I am getting dumped???

Music is life and life is music!

Every song here is a gem but I think “Paradise…” and “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” are still my faves… Ahhh, but I truly love them all.

Yes, I still think of Amy from time to time when I hear the album… Sue me!  And yes, I think fondly about that summer.  for the Summer of ’86 will forever be one of my best.



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2 responses to “Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell

  1. Robert Dolan

    BAT OUT OF HELL is one of the great pop albums of all time, with PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHTS one of the great pop songs. Jim Steinman knew how to compose a song, and Meat Loaf’s voice is huge.

    Everyone always mentions Karla DeVito, but it is Ellen Foley’s great voice you hear on the album, and she should get her due. I remember her from the sitcom NIGHT COURT.

    Great choice.

    • marcsmuse

      You are correct, it is Ellen Foley on the album . I did mention that Karla is actually lip synching to Ellen’s vocals in the videos… but Karla was the one on the road with him and she is the one I had a little crush on.

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