Thirteen Senses: Crystal Sounds – Album #2

How do I discover new music?  I am lucky enough to have two great radio stations in LA.  My number one go to on the dial is 89.9 KCRW.  They have introduced me to more music than anyone else on the airwaves.  Their tastes are diverse, deep and truly thoughtful.  I also love 100.3 The Sound… which plays music that could easily come from a Shuffle mix on my iPod… and of course the old classic standby 95.5 KLOS, neither so much for new discoveries, but for the hopeful deep track from time to time.

I think the best way to hear about new artists is to read all you can but mostly to talk to other people.  This is my favorite way!  I’ll talk to anyone and every one, and some of my most favorite bands were first discovered in conversations about music.

Thirteen Senses – Crystal Sounds

Many of you have heard me talk about this band before, and how much I dig them.  This is their brand new album that just came out two weeks ago.

It is a gorgeous and lush work, but I am not quite sure yet where it fits in for me on the list… Into the Fire and Contact seem to be a bit more easily accessible upon initial listens, and may have more radio-ready hits… and I do love them both, but this one is tasty, too.  I also discovered a rare collection of their early EPs which is great, so hmmm… Tough call… but in a good way!

The title track has been available as a free download for quite some time and is a majestic piece of rock/pop… a sweeping, grand and beautiful anthem!

According to Wikipedia Thirteen Senses are considered a post-BritPop band (a sub-genre of Alternative rock.)  Wow… I guess we may need scorecards.  They are most often compared to Coldplay, but also Travis and a little bit of Radiohead, all bands I really love.   Well, I like Coldplay… I love Travis and Radiohead… and no, I have not heard their new one yet.

I tend to lump a lot of the bands I love into the Alternative category, which I guess has become a bit bastardized… or at least over-used.  They are not quite rock… not quite pop…but somewhere in between.

Regardless, I think of them as Alternative Pop/Rockers who are obviously influenced by the classic British Pop I so love.  To me, classic Brit Pop is hook heavy music influenced by Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach and may feature large orchestrations and beautiful melodies.  I so adore this crossing the pond, back and forth… We influence them, they influence us… we influence them… they influence us…

Old blues… The Beatles and Stones… Kings of Leon… Mumford and Sons… it goes on and on and on!!!

My friend Rob’s introduction to The Pearlfishers sent me on this delightful and pleasing musical path and I have never left, only explored more and more and gone deeper and deeper.

I also adore what I call British Punk/Pop Rockers and bands like The Pigeon Detectives, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, The Kooks and The Rifles… Yes, we will be discussing them for sure and all are well worth your time and listen!

Rather than do a track-by-track analysis, I’ll just say my favorite songs thus far are:

Crystal Sounds, Suddenly (both songs I think should be on the radio), I Saw Stars Disappear, Out There (a haunting but beautiful love song), Concept and the last track In the Crowding.

Okay, obviously I really like this album and am looking forward to subsequent listens!  This is an album well worth owning and a band well worth exploring.  I think you may just fall in love with them!


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