My Tunes – The Albums Project

I have, as of today, exactly 126.51 GB of music in my iTunes.  This does not even cover half of my total music collection, which includes CDs, vinyl and yes, somewhere tucked away, both cassettes and 8-Tracks!

According to iTunes, the 24, 281 items that I have will take me a grand total of 69.3 days to get through… 1663.2 straight hours.  Okay, some of those items are apps and videos and songs belonging to my daughter… but you get the idea.  It’s a lot of music!

For those of you who know me well, you know that my musical tastes have grown greatly from a fairly straight forward, classic rock guy in High School (with Opera and Broadway thrown in for good measure).

In college I got into classical, jazz and blues… Heavily into Chicago Blues!!!

And then as I got older, instead of having my tastes refine and limit themselves, they exploded… R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative, Reggae, Metal, Folk, World… You name it, I love it.

I love getting new music.  I love discovering new artists and bands… and perhaps most of all, I love sharing these finds with my friends and family.  This is how music brings us together.  Love may be the universal language, but you still have to know a few safe phrases to avoid a slap in the face or a night in the clinker…

With music, all you have to do is know how to listen… and feel… and move or be moved.  You just have to be!

An hour spent at Amoeba Records or Freakbeat or any of the great, small independent record shops is heaven.  It’s not just the music, it’s the feel of the place… the eclectic mix of shoppers and tunes and staff.  What’s better than that?  It knocks every one of your senses around, well, except the literal sense of taste… But musical taste is important, too.  It’s invigorating.  Walking up and down the aisles at one of these gems is part of a perfect weekend.

Even downloads at iTunes, Amazon and eMusic can be wonderful, especially when you discover a gem at great price.

But it cannot only be about acquiring new music… you have to do something with it… you have to listen.

And so, listen I shall.

The idea of My Tunes: The Albums Project is simple.  Each and every day I will listen to an album (genre and titles will range… no set order…) and blog about it.  There’ll be a little history, a little context, but mostly just my take on the music and how it affects me, as someone who is simply in love with music.

We all have soundtracks to our lives, and specific songs and records that mean something deep, special, good or bad.  I want to hear your stories.  I want us to bond over a shared love (or even dislike) of certain tunes and records.  This is about all of us, coming together and having one big listening party.

So grab a corner of that big fuzzy rug, or plop yourself down in that beanbag chair, put on your headsets and get ready to listen.


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