Chill Out… A Cool Playlist

I was hoping to just talk about music today, but life has a funny way of mixing up its own playlist…

I did not know Corey Haim at all.  The closest I can get is that I know Tom Hodges, who was so great in Lucas.  But I am still saddened at the loss and the waste and the fact that I have yet to truly achieve my own goals. Life moves pretty darn fast, and sometimes all we can do is grab on and take it for a ride.  Or, I guess, it takes us for a ride.  Either way, the time for your dreams is now.  Action must be taken now.  And no matter what, find your bliss; find happiness and just live.

Now, back to the music… The great thing about discovering a new band or artist or album, is that it always leads you in ten more and different directions.

The search and discovery of Broken Bells (which thanks to my brother’s heads up can be acquired at Amazon for a mere $4.99! ) lead me to the unreleased album Danger Mouse did with Sparklehorse, called Dark Night of the Soul. Nice!!!

The theme for this week is “Chill Out” music… Why?  I don’t know.  I guess I need to chill out!  And a special shout out is going to David April… Hell, he’s gonna get his own section.  David is a frat brother and the guy who sophisticated me up in college… Great jazz… Doctor Who and smoking a pipe… Shhh, don’t tell my folks.  It’s a habit long dead, but still.  The fact remains that my pediatrician smoked a pipe and I still love the smell of pipe tobacco… Mmm!

The DA’s List:

Nightmares on Wax – In a Space Outta Sound.  How is it that I had not heard of these guys???  I listen to KCRW all the time.  Anyway… fantastic grooves and beats from a band considered one of the founders of “Trip-Hop.”  This would make for a great evening alone… wink, wink… or to treat your party guests to.  iTunes calls them “hypnotic” and a mix of “electro, hip-hop and soul.”  I LOVE this band… and my next acquisition will be their Smokers Delight!

William Orbit.  I have always been a big fan, but had not heard the track “Water From A Vine Leaf.” Awesome.  Hello Waveforms is a great place to start for both him and the genre.

Lemon Jelly. Dave suggested several tracks including “Elements” and “Nice Weather for Ducks” which is a really fun piece (both are off the great Lost Horizons album) and “The Staunton Lick” off Love that one a ton!!!  I do have to say that my friend Mark had turned me on to Lemon Jelly a few years back, but he deserves mention again!  Fantastic stuff!!!

Yoshida Brothers – Yohsida Brothers II. Dave was raving about the track “Indigo,” but I was digging on the whole thing.  At first you might dismiss them as Kenny G with Japanese instruments… but it is much more than that.  Let’s call it Asian Lounge.  Okay, the great Putumayo label already has a CD called that, but still…  Give it a real listen as it is a great find!!!

Slightly Stoopid. Dave likes Closer to the Sun, which is a great mash of Reggae, folk and funk.  (And even a few fast rockers).  Imagine Jack Johnson smoking a doobie and channeling Jamaica… No, wait… A few songs are silly, but this is a great soundtrack or part of one, for your next BBQ!

My Personal Picks for the Week:

Donavon Frankenreiter – Speaking of Jack Johnson, his style and feel and sound is all over this… and for good reason.  They are long-time surfing buddies and Jack produces a lot of his stuff!  I like his self-titled debut or the most recent Pass It Around.

The Clientele. Wow!!!  Five stars on this one!!!  Another band I cannot believe I had not heard of… and thanks to an article in the LA Times, I am now in love.  So sorry I missed them at Spaceland this past weekend.  Lazy and stupid and a mistake I am already regretting.  Anyway… they are pure power pop.  You will hear The Pearlfishers (one of my newer, true faves), Teenage FanclubBrian Wilson, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Burt Bacharach.  Start with God Save the Clientele for a lush, elegant and stunning musical landscape!!!

Going to the opposite extreme, this week also has me listening deeply to Jimi Hendrix and The Buzzcocks.  Yes, a musical dichotomy or state of confusion… so more of that next week!

Live, love and listen!



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2 responses to “Chill Out… A Cool Playlist

  1. Many thanks for recommending the Clientele who I hadn’t heard of previously. The first track of the album (God Save The Clientele) reminds me of the Pearlfishers whose music I love!

  2. marcsmuse

    The Pearlfishers are the best! No question. So wish they would hit the road. So far The Clientele is pretty amazing, too! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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