March’s First Playlist

March is roaring in like a lion… or is it a lamb… I guess I need to watch some old SNL and ask Belushi!

In the meantime, I’ll let you share in my 70s rock revival… along with a tasty new treat not even coming out until next week!  How is that for a little advanced love?

Neil Young – So I guess it is not a big jump back to Neil Young, when Graham Nash and David Crosby were on my mind and my list last week… but this week finds me firmly enthralled with the Comes a Time and Live at Massey Hall albums.  And when you hear Neil live and realize he sounds exactly the same, if not better as he does in the studio, it makes you miss the old days of pure rock ‘n roll!

Phish – Okay, so the irony is that this is the perfect live band, and I am just getting into them now, never having seen them live and knowing that they are really not playing out live anymore at all.  Phish is my favorite flavor at Ben and Jerry’s AND a quirky, geeky jam band.  Imagine all of the biggest nerds you went to high school with, only now make them some of the most amazing rock musicians.  On Halloween Phish would do these amazing, marathon shows where they would dress up as another band and cover a classic album… Live 14, which folks say is the best of the lot, has them doing The Who and QuadropheniaLive 13 has them doing The Beatles and the White Album.  Their schtick wears thin at times, but the musicianship and sheer and utter joy wins me over every time.

Chris Smither – Live as I’ll Ever Be.  There are times when I close my eyes and think I am listening to Guy Clark, which is never a bad thing… but Chris Smither is a man with his own voice and his own stories… and that and a guitar is all you need some times.  This is a delicious listen that is a little bit country, a little bit folk, a little bit blues and a whole lot of good.

The next two selections are part of my new playlist… Songs to Make Love To… What, a guy can dream… And yes, I actually did… I mean why not… Why not grab a bunch of sexy tracks and albums to have at the ready.  And if these songs cause an erection lasting more than four hours, call your local record store!

Imogen Heap – Ellipse.  Not all the tracks will put your significant other in the mood, but this whole CD is quite nice.  Through the synth and electronic beats and sampling, what stands out is her great voice.

Bitter:Sweet – The Mating Game.  Okay, so this is going back four years… but this CD is definitely a full play for a romantic night.  iTunes says they are often compared to Portishead and Everything But the Girl, and keep things in that similar vein.  I like those bands, so I am in good hands.  I love the strings and the sultry rhythms of “Don’t Forget to Breathe,” and is it me or do you just see James Bond slinking out of fancy hotel room.  Ahhh, the sexy vocals and retro sounds and yeah, the possibility of what may come…

As promised, here is the not-yet-released rec…

Broken Bells – If you’re like me, movies like High Fidelity and Garden State opened you up to some great, new and undiscovered (at least for me) bands… The Shins was certainly one of them and Wincing the Night Away is one of my favorite CDs from the last few years.  Broken Bells takes lead singer and guitarist, James Mercer and puts him together with super-producer Danger Mouse.  The result is an easy to listen to and truly enjoyable alternative-indie-pop-electronic mash.  Some folks are bemoaning how this is nothing more than B-Sides from Wincing… and nothing ground breaking… Okay, it ain’t changing the world, but it is some damn good music.  So there.


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