No, It Was My Sharona

I’ll admit it… I liked The Knack.  A lot.  I still like The Knack.  And even though my musical tastes have expanded and refined themselves over the years, The Knack is still on my playlist of favorite songs… several times.

I will also admit that my collection only boasts Get the Knack, so I cannot say I was a real and true fan and certainly not a fanatic… After Get the Knack I kind of got it and left.  I’m sorry.

What’s odd about that, is that I like almost every song on the album… There are the standouts of course, like Frustrated, Oh Tara, That’s What the Little Girls Do and my top three… Maybe Tonight, Good Girls Don’t and of course, the classic My Sharona.

I think I must have heard songs from the second album and they just didn’t hit me… and once that happens to a teen, forget it… You’re on to the next thing.

So, it is with great sadness that I just read that Doug Fieger passed away in Woodland Hills, CA on Valentine’s Day.  Not sure if he was a smoker, but lung cancer and brain cancer took him.

First off, what a horrible day to go… I mean any day you go is horrible, but how sad for his family…

Second, he was only 57… That freaks me out… Way too young.

Third, he seemed like a really decent guy and from all accounts he was.

Every summer there is a series of concerts in Woodland Hills, called Concerts in the Park.  They take place at this band shell in Warner Park right off Topanga.  Not exactly where you want to wind your career up, but they get some great artists… Okay, you know what… I want to take that last comment back.  The concerts help raise funds for the arts and they have featured bands like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and of course, The Knack.  And I just looked at this year’s line up and I should be that lucky career wise… Dave Mason, Blue Oyster Cult, Young Dubliners… and fitting for this piece… Wang Chung…

The evenings there can be way too hot, but there are places for the kids to run around, food and information to get, and great music to listen to.  So shut up, Marc.  Be quiet and enjoy the tunes!

My point was that a few years ago, we saw The Knack there.  I tried like hell to get my daughter to sit still and listen to the music, but we all know how that works.  Anyway, Doug was so gracious and funny… He seemed just like a local, regular guy who coached his kid’s teams, gardened his own lawn and happened to be a huge rock star in the 70s and 80s… The show was great fun… and of course hearing those songs live, so many years later… a total kick in the head.

What is slightly odd, is that now that I am thinking of it, I believe their original drummer, Bruce Gary had died only a few days before that show.  I remember hearing the news going into the show… and I am fairly certain Doug made mention of it from the stage.  Strange.

Anyway, while I had never met the man… I did see him about town a few times… and I got to see him on stage that summer night in Woodland Hills… He and the band provided me with many smiles that evening.. and all those years ago… and I am sure at least a few make out sessions, too.

So rest in peace Doug… and thanks for the music of my eternal youth and for being a big part of the soundtrack of my life.


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