The Happy, Happy Hump Day Playlist

Today seems to be heavy into Alternative with a whole lot of Electronic… or Electronica, as some folks like to call it.  To me, Electronic music is simply the use of sounds… electronically created sounds… to make a soundscape.  It is not all strange and out there, as I used to think.  A lot of it is quite beautiful, and the vocals help to create some amazing musical moods and palates.

Almost all of these CDs come courtesy of listening to KCRW or working in the phone room during the pledge drive and talking to folks about different CDs people could get.

In alphabetical order…

Band of Skulls – Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
A fantastic rock CD that seemed to be on a lot of the DJs lists… This is my fave of the lot… And considering this is their debut CD, I think we are in for a ton of great things from this band!  Awesome searing guitars… chunky, funky beats… great riffs and vocals… If you don’t like this one, you need to have your musical head examined.

Beach House – Teen Dream
The title is most apt, as this is delicious and dreamy… a great album to listen to on a lazy Sunday morning.  In fact, it seems to be part of a whole sub-genre called Dream Pop.  Great melodies… great sound… Supposedly this one is big on college campuses… so perhaps it is my way of clinging to my past.

One EskimO – One EskimO
I have to thank Julie, one of the KCRW phone captains for this one.  She raved about it.  And for $5.99 on iTunes… it was a no-brainer.

Amazing singer-songwriter pop… Take one listen and you will be hooked.  It is just lush and beautiful… And I am sure some filmmakers will be all over this one, as these songs just cry out to be played under some cinematic gem.

Quadron – Quadron
This is one of the CDs I would suggest if you are looking to get lucky on Valentine’s Day… or any other day.  Her vocals remind me of Duffy and Adele… but her sounds are that of the electronica/dance world mixed up with some jazz and pop.  I am not a big fan of dance music… not a big club goer… but this CD is great and would work for a nice party or to set that special mood.  Sorry… I’m a bit pre-occupied.

Sade – Soldier of Love
Okay, so I may be one of those who dismissed Sade as being too soft.  There is no denying the beauty and power of her silky voice, and her hits were and are huge… but I was just reading this great review where the writer had issues with her being eternally compared to bath products… i.e. you only put Sade on when you need to relax and sink into warm water.

Yeah, I would put this CD on if I was in a tub… but because I wanted to get lucky… Yes, there I go again.  This is a sexy as hell CD and another great pick for V-Day!  And I tell you what… it has me going back and revisiting this wonderful artist!

Silversun Pickups
All right… a great local band and a recent Grammy nominee… This is one I heard about on my own.
They fit firmly in the Alternative/Indie Rock terra and have sounds that come from all over… Dark, driving rock… moody pieces and a definite ode to the retro sounds of bands like Smashing Pumpkins… A good rocker.

Yeasayer – ODD BLOOD
Thank you KCRW DJs… This is one of those CDs that had me redefining what music was to me… A lot of experiments in sound and pushing envelopes (and perhaps buttons) and something I totally would have shied away from in the past… But once you allow yourself in, I think you will be pleased and enjoy this electronic/ambient/psychedelic concoction.

In fact, I think the lab mixed up some test tubes and added William Orbit, Radiohead, MGMT and one of their main influences, Animal Collective into one big vat!

Next will be a thank you to EMusic… and the ton of Uncle Tupelo they have acquired!!!  If you dog the sounds of Alt. Country, this is the place to start!!!


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