Catch a Tiger by the Balls

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,

Catch a tiger by the toe.

If he hollers let him go.

My mother said to pick the very best one and you are it… Or not it… Hmmm…

Okay, I already know that this blog is going to open up a can of worms… but it needs to be discussed.  And I look forward to your comments, thoughts and ideas…

First off, does Tiger have the right to privacy?  I say he does.  While he is a public figure and has allowed his image to be manufactured into that of a sports hero, icon, role model and strong family man, he should be allowed to deal with personal and family matters privately.

Unfortunately, being such a huge celebrity, that does not often happen.  The public, who gets updates every minute online, is hungry for gossip… This is the problem with the internet… stories come out so fast, that facts are hardly checked, information is constantly changed and confused and people are racing to form an opinion before all the data is received and digested.  It’s as if we all want to be the first to come up with the best Tiger joke… or be the first to say, “Hey, did you hear what happened?”

This is gossip and it is something that is not morally or ethically right to join in on… and it will come back to bite you in the ass.  Look at all those folks who came after Bill Clinton… and look at how many were later discovered to be cheating on their own… Ooops.  Those who live in glass condoms shouldn’t open their mouths.

Tiger makes billions of dollars by being the spokesperson for huge companies, and aside from the “morality” clauses that most likely exist in every contract Tiger has signed , he does have an obligation to represent them in the best possible light.  They are, after all, paying for his “image.”  The court of opinion will dictate whether or not these companies drop him… or whether or not they decide to stand by his side.

People screw up… People make mistakes… He is not being accused of rape, like Kobe Bryant was… or of murder or of drug use… He is being accused of adultery.  The people he is hurting are his family, his friends and himself.

But aside from the cheating, he is also being accused of bad PR and not getting “in front of the story.”  This is a whole other, interesting debate.  While he did not deny the affairs at first, he chose to be quiet… and the silence allowed the world and the media to speculate and guess and basically say whatever the hell they wanted to say… and then, for money we can assume, people started to come forward.

Tiger knows how big he is… how people, especially kids, look up to him.  So in that regard, yeah, he should have come out and immediately said he has strayed… he has some things he needs to fix at home and he’ll be back in public when he feels the time is right for him and his family.

People seem to have more of an issue with Clinton for the lying than the straying.  It absolutely made the situation far worse.  Had he admitted it at the beginning and dealt with it, things would have been a lot cleaner.

So Tiger kept quiet… and the silence was broken for him by women who suddenly decided to come forward.  Why were they silent for so long?  Why are they only coming out now?  Why did they jump on the situation like vultures?  Well, I answered my own question… money and fame and unfortunately, human greed and getting whatever you can get no matter who it hurts.

According to TMZ (sorry, but those guys are almost always right) Rachel Uchitel is apparently in talks for a “cash for silence deal.”  Disgusting.

And rumors are swirling that Tiger’s wife Elin may be able to “renegotiate” her pre-nup to get bigger and better payoffs and cash incentives for staying.  Disgusting, too.

We all know he is going to be paying if she stays… for a long, long time… and he should.  But why does it have to become about money?  If you love each other and can fix your issues and problems, do it.  But don’t let it involve pay offs and pay schedules… It sounds like you are “paying” your wife to be your wife… “I will pay you for every year you stay with me… I will pay you for every child you bear…”  Please!

Yes, I suppose by stating these things I am gossiping, too, as nothing has been proved yet.  But I am just trying to grasp it all.

The bigger picture is this… why do people cheat?  And that, my friends, is for another discussion… another time… Like tomorrow for Part Two!


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One response to “Catch a Tiger by the Balls

  1. Mary

    l’ll open up your can of worms! We have now witnessed that Tiger Woods is a pig. Oh, sure, it should be “private”. But when you crash your car after it gets hammered by a golf club, it ceases being private. I say pay that gorgeous wife of his what ever she damn wants. Yes, what people should be focused on is his golf game—but this is pretty frikkin tacky. I mean, not one, not two, but three bimbos. Marc, please read:

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