Music to Fall Into…

The clocks have fallen back… the days are shorter… the air is crisp… well, aside from the 92 degree LA bastardization… and music is in the air.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit yourself in a nice cushy chair… Better yet, take some fresh lemon grass and honey and make yourself a healthy tea… My new favorite thing.

Or make yourself a bowl of homemade soup… I’ve got a killer Butternut Squash recipe if you want it… No dairy!  My other new favorite thing is to take some Heirloom tomatoes, while you still can, chop them up, add fresh basil, freshly ground pepper and salt and cook until it is intense and delicious.  Add a little olive oil at the end and puree.  Perfection off the vine.

Autumn Play List:

Paddy Casey – Amen (So Be It)

I just gave Rob his second CD for his B-Day and apparently that is all over the place stylistically.  Enjoyable, yes, but hard to pin down.  This, his 1st, is more focused and more about his Irish singer-songwriter brogue.  Deep, honest and open.  You hear a lot of David Gray and a rougher Jack Johnson.

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Let me preface this by saying the word pop does not scare me and should not scare you.  A lot of the Beatles catalog would be described as “Pop” and a lot of it “Rock.”

Most folks will call Phoenix Euro-Pop or French Electro-Rockers… I call them delicious Power pop that has a whole lot of flavoring from The Killers. Take a sip and tell me what you think!

Grant-Lee Phillips – Little Moon – At this point it is chiche to say, but obviously every contemporary artists has been influenced by The Beatles, so add Grant-Lee to that list!  Take the Fab Four and a lot of Harry Nilsson and mix in that whole Elliot Smith, singer-songwriter feel and you get one hell of an enjoyable album!

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mighty Joe Moon

This was his band project, before going “solo” and it is basically a more rocking version of what he continues to do.  Modern, Americana folk-rock… I hear a lot of Wilco and even some REM and Pearl Jam.  Heck I’m even catching a little Neil Diamond, and I mean that in the best way!

Gregory PageLove Made Me Drunk

Okay, so the way I found Gregory Page was because some dude on line was bitching about how Grant-Lee Phillips is not very good and is only a cheap imitation of Gregory Page.  Okay, I’ll take that as a challenge, since I really like Grant-Lee Phillips… If you take Kurt Weil and Nick Drake and mate them with campy Elvis Costello and then add a little circus side-show, you have GP… and Love Made Me Drunk is delicious!

Chris de Burgh – Yes, you heard me right… Take away “Lady in Red”… push it out of your mind and listen objectively.  He was a great singer-songwriter with a strong sense of pop and beautiful melodies.  I actually liked “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” a lot when I was a lad… very 80s… very synth rock… I love “The Snows of New York”… Yes, good for the NY song list I am putting together… “There’s a New Star Up in Heaven” is a beautiful tribute to Lady Di… and “A Spaceman Came Travelling” is another wonderful song… and if you want a little pop perfection, check out “When I Think of You.” Lots of great influences on that one!


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  1. Rob

    You said “Heck I’m even catching a little Neil Diamond, and I mean that in the best way!”


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