Feeling Jewish

Anyone can feel Jewish… Just walk into a deli… I mean a real, Jewish deli… Sit, eat and kibbutz.  Boom, you’re Jewish.  Well, that is only if you’re not ordering your sandwich on white with mayo!

I was feeling very Jewish the other day as I read an article in the Jewish Journal.  A guy named David Sax wrote a book on delis and was interviewed by the paper… and he said he thought LA has better delis these days than NYC!  I know, heresy right… but as he was talking about Langer’s pastrami, which sadly, I have still not had… I started to think he may be right…

Yes, NYC has Katz’s… my fave… and The Carnegie and Stage Delis… and Second Avenue Deli is good… even in their new location…

But LA has Art’s… good, but too pricey for me… Brent’s… more like a diner/deli but my favorite in all of LA hands down… and it rivals the deli food in NYC… Canter’s… a great, late night spot… Factor’sGreenblatt’s… fun, comfy, wood-paneled room upstairs, fantastic wines and an escape from the craziness of Sunset Blvd…. Junior’s, Mel Brook’s fave… Langer’s, see above… and Nate n’ Al… Larry King’s daily breakfast haunt.  And this is just my top deli list in LA… I left off Jerry’s, which is a total diner-type place… but does have great  Matzoh Ball soup and big prices to match.

I would love to see a Deli-off… Pastrami vs. Pastrami… soup vs. soup… Corned Beef vs. Corned Beef… Rye vs. Rye… Yes, a lot of this depends on where the meat, etc, is sourced, but still… preparation is key!

I have been wanting to organize a trip to Langer’s forever… safe to go to only during the day… It is apparently right above one of the Metro stops… so that would be fun… Drive to Universal… hop on a train… have the best pastrami sandwich in the world (I’ll let you know) and head back.

Ah, the simple joys in life… I mean think about it… Think about a great deli… the clanging of plates, the smells, the sounds… the bits and pieces of conversations you pick up… The orders being yelled to the kitchen… and usually, if you’re lucky, gum-snapping, back-talking but always charming waitresses… “Whatcha having?”

Pickles, new or old… sauerkraut… Kosher hot dogs… Lean pastrami and corned beef… Matzoh ball soup… warm, embracing… and hot, fresh rye bread… the crunch of the crust… the soft inside that melts in your mouth and absorbs the juices of the meat perfectly… and don’t forget my favorite… a cold Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda to wash it all down.

Now really… is life all that bad if a deli is close by?



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