Balloon Boy and the Fatal Fascination With Fame

Balloon Boy… Jon and Kate… Octomom…

Why are we so fascinated watching human train wrecks?  I was flipping through the mindless and endless channels of crap the other day, and stopped for a brief moment on Jerry Springer.  Yes, it was brief.  I actually had to tell myself that the woman who was on was a “real” person… although I really, truly felt like it was some amazing sketch comedienne who had just created the most amazing character, absolutely crazy and out there.  Do people really do these things in their double wides?  Is this what we have become?  I was sad and sickened.

Why are people so desperate to be famous, no matter what it is that brings them fame?  Reality TV has created a monster.  Or I should say has perpetuated the monsters that were already there… celebrity whores… hangers on… sad and pathetic people… Or perhaps Paris Hilton’s box has been opened a little wider.  Not that way, you pigs!

First let me apologize for writing this piece.  It extends these idiots fifteen minutes and keeps their name on our lips.  In reality, pun slightly intended, these people should never be in our minds, on our TVs or on our tongues.  There is so much more to talk about, work on, do, accomplish… Yet here we are around the tainted water cooler, discussing who did what to who and why…

Jon and Kate started off as a great, feel good story… Raising eight kids and the struggles that go along with that… But then they tasted fame… and got rich… and their real personalities and flaws and issues and crises could not be hidden beneath the spotlights…

Rule number one… Don’t drag the innocent family members into your quest for celebrity.  It is not fair and will only end badly.

Octomom… I’m sorry, but she is mentally disturbed… and the fact that doctors and parents would allow her to do what she has done is criminal.   And for her to get rewarded for what will surely create an army of more monsters… Disgusting.

Fame should be reserved for those who accomplish something good.

Infamy for those who accomplish something bad…

And yes, bad press is good press and so on and so forth… But please, please, I am begging you… go away!

The thing about Balloon Boy crosses the line a bit further.  For now you are actively involving your children in deceit and essentially criminal activity.  The only good I can see coming of this, is that now us parents can say… “See, if you lie, you can actually make yourself sick with guilt!”

The fact that these two idiots would put so many people through the hell they did, all in the name of the fame game, just shows us that it has to stop.  Their kids should be taken away… and they should absolutely be sent to prison… AND reimburse all those agencies for that frantic search!

Let us just say no!

No to Heidi and Spencer… No to these tabloid, front page of the Enquirer, freak shows… No to Sarah Palin and her bilking this country for millions and millions of dollars to hear her fabricated, moose hunting, hypocritical, bullshit life.

Just say no to the star fuckers who simply want to fuck themselves…

Just say no to me having to write any more blogs about these life-sucking, time-wasting, not worth the air in a stale fifty-year-old, gas station bathroom morons.

And please, for the love of all that is holy, just say no to Jay Leno at 10.


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One response to “Balloon Boy and the Fatal Fascination With Fame

  1. I was watching that balloon in real time — clutching my throat when it got near power lines or was heading for the airport. Worried that the spinning was actually killing the boy! It was a horrible thing to do.

    As for reality shows.. they’ve gotten worse and worse. Julianna and Bill? Who the hell cares what they make for dinner? (oh yeah and by the way it’s sponsored by Ragu!) Really.

    And yet good shows like Eli Stone (which employ real actors like yourself) are being cancelled.

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