Rainy Day Blues

Whatever happened to the Rainy Day Blues Band?  Ahhh, my lost youth… and the rather hapless band we started when I was a counselor at Camp Ramaquois.  Okay, so I was hapless… Gordo was good… The band did not last but it did deliver a few girls, which I guess was the ultimate goal, so long live Rock!

Today’s playlist is all over the place, so if you can’t find something new to listen to or rediscover I give up.

Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power

I was never much of a punk rocker in my youth… I mean I totally dug The Clash and The Ramones, but my true appreciation is only recent.  I have a neighbor who looks like Iggy… and the guy runs like 50 miles a day it seems… Scary.

This music is raw and simple and pure… I downloaded the album from eMusic, so I don’t know if this is the remastered version, which apparently corrects David Bowie’s “thin” mastering a lot of folks hated… Either way… to me it rocks… Take a punk and throw him in my garage and you have Raw Power!

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

I decided NOT to start with 11:11, which I will eventually buy, and is the album getting them all the heat and shots on shows like The Tonight Show.  This duo started off as metal guitarists in separate bands and got together to form what can only be described as incredible world-flamenco-metal guitar.  They are compared to the Gypsy Kings a lot, but I find the music a lot more compelling and youthful… And when I say they play fast, I mean how do their fingers not spurt blood!

Paul Pena – New Train

This is called the “lost album of the 70s”  and most critics refer to it as a lost gem!  This blues-rock pleasure was recorded in 1973 and no one released it until after the documentary Genghis Blues came out.  I honestly cannot recall if I ever saw the whole film… I know, really bad… but I recently rented it and was captivated.  Go out and rent it now!  It is about a blind bluesman’s journey to Tuva and his study of the ancient and kind of freaky throat singing.  is duets with Kongar-ol Ondar are inspiring.  Paul’s claim to fame is for writing the Steve Miller Band hit “Jet Airliner” and his original version along with the whole album will make you a fan. And the soundtrack to Genghis Blues is worth many listens after seeing the movie!

My brother gets credit for the next band, Alberta Cross.  They are a “cross” between My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon and are pure Americana folk-rock.  I am listening to both their EP The Thief and the Heartbreaker, which features the fantastic song “Lucy Rider” as well as their full album Broken Side of Time.
So, as always… listen and love.  Music is the great equalizer in life!


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  1. The second rodrigo y gabriella album is the best one.

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