Emmy Winners and Snoozers

Let’s face it, any awards show where I am not a nominee is boring.  So that rules out, let’s see… all of them.

Okay, honestly, most awards shows are self serving, but every once in a while you get a speech that inspires you and makes you proud to be an artist, struggling or otherwise.  Last night, not so much.

Aside from a few jabs at the man, I was disappointed.  A nice slap at the residuals on cable and the internet… I have now received two checks for .01 each in the last month… and a great poke at letting the writer and show runner actually create and run were about it.

Neil Patrick Harris is great… funny, talented… But this should be proof that a good writer makes all the difference.

The bits last night were lame, the ceremony dragged on and the presenters cringed and made faces at the very lines they were forced to deliver.

And when “Carol Brown” from Flight of the Conchords lost for best song, I knew the fix was in.  Really?  The self serving song from the Oscars?????  Over a real song, that is both hysterical and musically enjoyable and that even my daughter loves and thinks is funny?????

And why do we need to waste time showing the awards for reality shows?  Do it the week before at the “creative” Emmys.  It dragged the show to a grinding halt.

The highlight, somewhat sadly, was the Memoriam.  Sarah McLachlan is utterly brilliant and moving and having her sing “I Will Remember You” live was the perfect touch.

Other than that, my TIVO, a fast forward button being frantically pushed and my being able to watch the Giants game live made the whole night okay.

Now would someone get me a gig so I can nominated for something already???!!!  I would do sooooo well in the gifting suites.



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