The Land of Confusion

Don’t sit down quite yet.  I mean, if you have this Genesis song already in your iTunes, then stay seated and just go ahead and play it.  If not, get your butt up, go to your CD shelves and pull out Invisible Touch.

What do you mean you don’t have that CD???  What kind of 80s music person are you???

For those of you cool enough to own this album, you can also play “Throwing It All Away” and I’ll tell you how it was playing on the radio in the background, when the first girl I ever said I love you to, called and broke up with me.  Oh yeah, a phone call break up.  Nice!

For those who read my Facebook page, you’ll know I am confused over which tire to get… Half the mechanics I know say go with the Goodyear GT… half say go with the Yokohama H4S… The price seems to be about the same, the Yokes are maybe $20 less… so it comes down to buying American or not… and yes, the free bonus… A UCLA or USC jersey with the Yokohamas… Okay, even though I am the jersey guy, I could care less, although I do like UCLA… The other “freebie” is four free tickets the Wild Animal Park with the Goodyears.  I have not been in years but it was fantastic back then… and that is easily over a $100 value.  I don’t know…

That’s the way my brain is lately… always seems to be in overdrive and pushed way to the limits…

Have you ever suddenly got wishy washy and unwilling or unable to make decisions?  I’m talking about this for someone who is not usually indecisive… Odd.

Okay, you know what I’m still pissed off at girlfriend X for dumping me… Even if I was the only one not to know she was using me to make her ex jealous.  Where is that time machine?

At least I can go back in time musically… I had to stop listening to “Throwing It All Away…” Sorry, I know I dragged you deep into that one.   Now it’s “Paperlate… ”  Three Sides Live is a phenomenal album… I hope there are some Prog Rock fans out there.

So yeah… I am confused.  Life has me confused right now.

I am mixed up about DJ AM.  The guy obviously had problems, but geez… you survive a plane crash, just to go shoot yourself up and OD???!!!  I read that he tried to kill himself years ago… I read that he was an addict… But he supposedly had been sober for nine years… And okay, the crash must have been awful… burns on your body… pain killers for a former addict… I cannot imagine… but what a waste… What a waste…

I am sad about these fires… We are not in any danger where we are… but the air is horrible and the clouds over the mountains, when you can even see the mountains, look like atomic bomb mushrooms.  It’s scary.  Aside from thousands of homes, this fire could also take out the antennas for many of the local radio and TV stations… and also some cell towers.

“You Might Recall” just came on.  Love this song… love this whole album.  My favorite Genesis album ever!  Hmmm!

I’m sad that Cafe Des Artistes has closed in NYC.  The place had been open for 92 years!  92!!! I often sent people to dine there and always had it on my NYC dining guide lists.  Yes, the economy will recover, but losing a place like that… a landmark… for them and for us, there will be no recovery.

I’m sad about Sheila Lukins… 66 years old… What the hell is happening here?  Sure it was brain cancer, but 66 years old… I love the Silver Palate Cookbook! The New Basics is great, too!

We’re going alphabetically through iTunes, so Georg Solti conducting Mahler’s Symphony #5 just popped on.  Man, do I love music.  Take me away Mahler!

You can’t hear it of course, but I just sighed… Deeply… resigned…

There it is again… mortality… smacking me in the face… and it’s not about money and it’s not about fame… but wanting to leave something behind in this world… something to be proud of… something majestic and wonderful… I haven’t found it yet… but I’m trying… I’m looking and thinking and trying…

You all need to go find yourself some Mahler!


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