Whet Your Wednesday Whistle

Today is the anniversary of my birth.  And I only say that to get gifts.

I’m kidding.  Your friendship and readership is enough for me, he said with a roll of the eyes…

What I like to do on my birthday, other than to be smothered in adoration and loving phone calls, is ignore how old I actually am… declare that I am 30 and counting… and do something fun.  Usually it’s bowling or a party or dinner with a big group of friends.  This year, unfortunately, it falls in the middle of the week and on the first day of school… Booo… How could they do that to me…

Plus, I have to be at the Big Ten Caucus tonight.  Don’t get me wrong, that is very fun, but the family can’t join me, so it is bitter sweet.  We watch the different school’s videos on the upcoming football season, take part in the swindle, where a dollar and predicting the finish of the Big Ten Conference can win you big bucks, and we get to eat Brats flown in from Wisconsin, courtesy of Derek… All at the Tournament of Roses House, aka the Wrigley Mansion.  Okay, that is pretty darn good.

I already told my friend Stuart, the king of the Filet, that we should have a multi-B-Day celebration this weekend.  His is on the 30th and the man makes unbelievable steaks.  Seriously, and do not tell him I said this… head swells and all, but they are better than most steak places!  Man, they are gooooood!

So life does not suck… well, except for the no career, little income, .01 cent residual, what the hell am I doing, is it too late to go back to law school, why can’t I win the lottery, do I want to win the lottery, how can I make it rich quick, should I sell EFusjon, when will my career get out of the dumpster, I need a break, my gut is growing along with hair in odd places and less in places I actually want it, conundrum…

You know, just that little stuff… Whew.

So… where was I?  Oh yes, it is Wednesday, so let there be music.

And Happy Birthday, Matt!!!  One of my oldest and bestest friends!!!

My friend Rob gets a special shout out, since he supplies me with more new artists than almost anyone except for my brother and KCRW… Although it’s been slow coming, bro!!!  Get a move on!

The Pearlfishers – The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies

One of his first picks for me was The Pearlfishers, who, many of you know, went on to become one of my all-time favorite bands.  I just acquired this CD from eBay.  It actually came from Israel… for what that’s worth… and it is another pop gem.  Influences from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson create lush, pop melodies that wash over you like a warm tingly, shower.  Easy, cowboy… Easy!  Seriously, “Even on a Sunday Afternoon” might just be the perfect pop tune.

Rob strikes again with the next two bands… and if you have not picked up on it yet, Rob looooooves bands from the UK.  Plus, if you need to do a Scottish accent and cannot find a full blooded Scot, Rob is your man!

Cactus World News – Urban Beaches

So they are an Irish Rock band… Definite 80s sound… Their first song was produced by Bono and they never really made it big… or out of the 80s… but they are really good.  Obviously U2 was an influence, as was the Waterboys, which I did pick up on before reading their Wikipedia page, so there!  Maybe a little Simple Minds, too… I could totally hear them in a John Hughes movie.

Athlete – Tourist

Similar in style to the last group, but with a more modern sound, this is another UK band that is compared to The Flaming Lips and Coldplay.  The reviews I’ve read run from pleasant, enjoyable and relaxed to “hooky” (which I take to mean great melodies that hook you in).  I agree with all of that, and when you’re kicking back in your yard, and don’t want “party” music, give this a try.
Diana Krall – Quiet Nights

On her latest, Latin influenced release Diana Krall once again manages to seduce with her smoky, sultry vocals and stunning piano work.  This is party music on a whole other level.  Wink, wink.  Not to boast, but I had been talking about her for years before anyone knew who she was… and while extra attention may now be paid because she is married to Elvis Costello, her brilliance and musical skill deserves the spotlight on its own.  Lush is the best word I can use to describe this one… Deep, sultry and lush!  Mmmm Mmmm Gooood.

Peace, love and music.




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2 responses to “Whet Your Wednesday Whistle

  1. Dan (the brother)

    Happy Birthday. Sorry I haven’t delivered any new music recommendations in awhile (and that your birthday present will arrive about a week late). I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae lately (must be the summer/beach vibe) and Burning Spear’s live album “(A)Live” has been in heavy rotation.

  2. Danielle Lieber

    Happy Bday and sorry too for not leaving any music recommendation. I used to be pretty good at knowing the up and coming on music styles and all and then… came the kids. So I will need to do a lot of catching up on the subject at some point. Other than that, I feel you are doing lots of things with your life even if you haven’t become the superstar in Hollywood. I think you are a superstar friend to me /us and I am sure I am not the only one feeling that way. Sometimes, it feels good to just enjoy the moment, listen to good music, sipping on a good glass of wine and realize ALL you have accomplished. After all, you are a success in many other ways than just being a stage actor.



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