Fat Tuesday

Free liposuction in order to be a guinea pig for a new drug that is supposed to make the surgery easier… Hmmm… Goodbye love handles… goodbye gut… Hmmm… Do I do it?  Will I qualify?  Hmmm…

And now for something completely different…

One of the joys of volunteering at KCRW, aside from helping this LA radio station jewel raise much needed funds, and meeting some really cool, like-minded folks, and running into old college friends, and having delicious food and getting a free CD here and there, is the exposure to new music… both heard on the radio and suggested from your phone mates.

I am pretty hip and usually on top of things, but every once in a while some band or artist will pass me by; sneak right past me, not show up on the old musical radar.  Luckily, there is usually someone to bring me or them back on track… back to the turntable!  Today’s discoveries come courtesy of the far back phone bank room.

Little Joy is the band started by Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos and Binki Shapiro.  I love their self titled CD.  What annoys me and shows how bad my brain has become is that I actually got their first single, “The Next Time Around “ on this past Winter’s KCRW Music Sampler.  Duh!!!  Why I did not follow up then, I don’t know… but the whole CD is a pleasure to listen to.  I guess it is considered Folk-Rock, but I also hear some influences from 50s Rock ‘n Roll, Garage, Latin and even a little Ritchie Valence on the beginning of “Brand New Start.”

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest.  OK,  I feel a little stupid on this one.  Was driving into Santa Monica to work my shift when I heard a great song on 89.9 KCRW… I heard Jason say that it was from Chris Leebair… They don’t always get to announce the artists during a pledge drive, so this was a nice bonus.  I knew either at the station or at home later, I would be tracking down Chis Leebair.  As I looked at various CDs for a gentleman who was pledging and creating his own 4-pack I saw a band called Grizzly Bear… Never heard of them… I also noticed they were doing a local show soon.  Okay… And they were played recently it looks like, but I went right past it.  Nice!

When I got home I began to diligently search the Internet for Chirs Leebair… Of course, nothing hit, until it finally HIT ME… Chris Lee Bear… Grizzly Bear.  What a maroon!   I felt silly and stupid all at once.  Although the drummer’s name, I just found out is Christopher Bear, so… I’m not that bad!  I think it was the song “Two Weeks” that initially grabbed me, but I am digging on this mix of pop and synth and rock and psychedelia…

The Real Tuesday Weld – The End of the World.  I have had this CD for a while and may have written about it as I was really into it from the get go… but I just pulled it out again… no, not out of my bum… Come on.  Man!  This is one of those moody, haunting, stunning albums that sneaks up on you and just wraps itself around you.  The artist is actually Stephen Coates and he covers so much ground it is crazy… Sultry cabaret… pop… and movie score-like tunes that would be a fantastic soundtrack.  In fact, a few songs remind me of Ennio Morricone’s work. especially “Malena.”

So there it is, just a few new items to tickle your fancy.  So live and listen, for love is music and music is love.


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