Happy Hump Day

I get it… it is the “hump” of the week.  But can’t we make it a literal happy hump day?  Then I could say, “Hey, it’s an official weekly holiday.  We have to hump!”

What?  It might work!  Okay, probably not as well as no piles and a big salary… or any salary, at this point… but it was worth a try.

So it’s Wednesday… and since my last blog entry was a bit of a baseball bash… I figured I would lighten up.  No wrong way driver… utterly devastating… or even a discussion of Paula Abdul… Freed journalists?  Maybe later… but for now, I just need to take a little brain vacation.

And the best way to do that is through music… sweet music.

Here is the latest MG play list.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”  Thanks, Bill!

Oh… and on a complete side note, I am now obsessed with microbrews and cocktails.  How hip am I???  Definitely more on that later!

Elbow – My friend Adam hooked me into this band… and I am really digging on them.  Been listening to The Seldom Seen Kid and Leaders of the Free World.  Imagine the vocals of Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews and Coldplay put in a haunting, beautiful and melodic blender.  I think you will like!

Doves – I have talked about them before, but my new friend Alan raved about Lost Souls, which I had not heard.  These guys have an interesting history and you can always feel their electronic and dance roots close by, but they really blossomed (in my mind) when they started with those great guitars!

Guys and Dolls – Saw the show at  the Bowl… and aside from a woman ripping Jessica Biel on the way out, I thought she was good.  Yes, I do like to look at her… Come on, I’m a dude!  I mean it is hard for anyone to stand out when signing on the same stage as Brian Stokes Mitchell, but the cast was a lot of fun, especially Ken Page as Nicely Nicely! Frank Loesser was brilliant, no question.  “Luck Be A Lady” is a classic, of course and Mitchell had a nice take on it… but my favorite is and will always be “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.If you have never heard Don Henley’s cover of it on the Leap of Faith soundtrack, it is sublime.

And speaking of Sublime, my friend’s niece has me re-listening to that crazy band.  Lots of hits there.

Patty Griffin – Yes, I know I prattled over her on the last music list… but her voice just moves me… Stunning!  And I am still listening!

Trashcan Sinatras – I have missed more great concerts this summer… and this band is on that list.  Ah well… hopefully they will be back soon.  I heard Rob and Alan had a nice night.

Shows I missed… and I am not listing them to dwell on the past, but to reach out to others in the hopes that they do not make the same mistakes I made!

Leonard Cohen – Thank the heavens we can get the London show on DVD, but this tour is supposedly brilliant!  I so hope and pray he comes back.  This is truly one of the greatest songwriters and artists out there.

Trashcan Sinatras – I know I mentioned them earlier, but there were troubles with Homeland Security that night… yes, the wife kept me from the Troubadour and this supposedly wonderful show.

Femi Kuti with Santogold and Raphael Saadiq – This was just laziness and oversight and the biggest regret of the summer.  They played the Bowl in June and I am imagining it was one fantastic show.  All great  artists!

Be free and listen!  Go!


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