Go Forth on the Fourth

Just to set the record straight… not that there actually is a record… That sounds so ominous… But yes, we did walk down Hayvenhurst to the Jackson estate last Sunday night.  The “compound…”  The sheer number of media trucks cramming this narrow road was insane… I’m hoping those poor rich folks in their huge estates are renting out their front lawns and driveways for some cash… It was a spectacle… Fans holding candle light vigils… waiting to see someone come in or out of the gates… a dude selling shirts…

I must admit that I don’t really get it… the phenomenon… the act of loving someone, a stranger… a star or musician so deeply, that you feel you must sit in front of their parent’s house for hours and days… I regret not growing up with Beatlemania… The innocence and pandemonium that surrounded them has never been matched… At least I don’t think it has… Okay, Elvis maybe… And Michael Jackson to a degree… And yes, if the Boss died suddenly I would be devastated… but would I hold a vigil… journey to Jersey to sit outside his house?  I don’t think so, but maybe…

I watched United 93 the other night… I could not bring myself to see it in the theatres and I held odd renting it until now… Brilliant film, but perhaps the most difficult film I have ever had to sit through.  There were at least three or four times when I just exploded into uncontrollable sobbing.  It still hurts me… deeply pains me to see the Towers getting hit and then going down.  That is my city… That is where I was born… and as much as I long for a real and lasting peace, we must never, ever, ever forget what those subhumans… the Al Qaeda terrorists did to us… NEVER!

This is our Pearl Harbor… but I feel we are already numb… already willing to move on and forget.  I am not saying to stop living life… but we must recall and remember, vividly, clearly, what happened… Who we lost… What it means… The notion that a group of people have such disregard for their own lives… or any human lives is the most dangerous notion around.

This quote by Golda Meir still holds up today… and goes for Americans and Brits and yes, even the moderate Arabs… not just Israelis…

“There will be peace when the Palestinians love their own children more than they hate ours.”

Today let us remember those who came before us… the sacrifices they made to ensure our independence and freedoms… Let us move forward to a place of true equality… and improve the quality of life… How is it possible that we live in the greatest country in the world yet still suffer so poorly in terms of health… infant mortality… obesity…

It’s crazy… and it needs to be fixed… NOW.

In the meantime, I can only offer my love and laughter… my words and thoughts… and a few new musical paths for you to travel down… Enjoy…

Live… love… laugh and eat some good BBQ!


Raphael Saadiq – Still kicking myself good for missing him and Santogold and Femi Kuti at the Hollywood Bowl… What the hell was I thinking???  He is modern R&B in all the right ways… Classic but with a new and modern approach.

Wilco – Not new, but their new album is… Wilco (The Album) and I really dig it… and I can also kick myself for missing Wilco on their LA stand a few weeks back.  AAGGHH!  “Bull Black Nova” and “You Never Know” are two of my standouts!

Ra Ra Riot – Take Vampire Weekend and add more instrumentation and a bit of a bigger musical palate and this is what you get.  The Rhumb Line is a great album!

William Orbit – My Oracle Lives Uptown… Delicious electronic musical landscapes and the ultimate chill out dish!  Perfect for summer!

Patty Griffin – After seeing her with Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller at the Greek last week, I am in looooove.  Anything and everything by her is great… Seek out the songs “Mary,” “Heavenly Day” and “When It Don’t Come Easy” And if anyone can find a recording of “Our Love is a Dud” you will be my hero!


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